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Leica DVM6

Digital Microscope Leica DVM6


Unique one-hand operation

With the Leica DVM6, you need only one hand to swap objectives, tilt the microscope head to change the viewing perspective, reposition a sample or zoom in on it. And operation is equally easy for right- and lefthanders alike, because the instrument is symmetrical.

Johny Feelgood

With the DVM6 you are faster in any sample inspections, and the final report is only a click away! 

Objective change: plug and see

Work seamlessly from 12x up to 2,350x magnification while changing objective - the sample always stays in focus.

Tiling: scan with one click

High resolution sample overview with fast stitching– each scan one click for many samples. 

Tilting: change your perspective

Observe your sample from different angels and see more details - tilting from -60° to +60°.