Why you can reproduce results easily

  • Zoom range is continuously encoded and calibrated
  • All instrument components are sensor-controlled
  • All settings saved with every image, e.g. illumination, position, magnification
  • Create a report for 2D and 3D measurements with one click

Accuracy matters – tested and guaranteed

The repeatability of the stage and focus column for DVM6 A/S is:

  • XY-Axis: +/- 3um
  • Z-Axis: +/- 0.5um

The linearity of the stage and focus column is:

  • XY-Axis: 0.2%
  • Z-Axis: 0.1%

Ease of use: One step from macro to micro

With the DVM6, you can get from the big picture to smallest details in an instant. You can seamlessly carry on working even if changing objective is required, as the sample always stays in focus and no pre-adjustments are needed. With the tilting function you can observe your sample from different angles from up to ±60°. 

Why the Leica DVM6 saves you time

  • 16:1 zoom range makes changing between magnifications fast
  • 2350x magnification shows you details down to 0.4 micrometers on the same microscope
  • Horizontal field of view ranges from 35 mm to 0.18 mm at same focus level

One-hand operation

You will become an expert in virtually no time!

  • Work seamlessly thanks to one-handed objective change
  • Stay focused and operate the tilting function with one hand
  • Hybrid manual-motorized operation of X, Y and Z - smart automation helps you to be faster
  • Easy to operate, so little training time is needed

Image quality: See more with crisper images

Obtain excellent image quality! The Leica DVM6 has top notch optics that the Leica brand is famous for. Choose from different integrated LED illumination options and reveal more details. Capture your image in natural colors with a high-resolution camera.

Sensor chip image captured with low, mid and high objective (top-bottom), at lowest and highest magnifaction (left-right)

High quality objectives for your inspection and imaging tasks

Easily change magnification from 12x to 2,350x with one hand to inspect your samples. Choose the PlanApo objective that best fits your needs, and see more with the 16:1 zoom range.

Low Magnification Objective: Leica PlanApo FOV 43.75
This objective is ideally suited for large overviews as well as detailed measurement tasks. It provides you with magnifications up to 190x and long working distances up to 60 mm.

Mid Magnification Objective: Leica PlanApo FOV 12.55
This flexible objective for your everyday routine work features a wide magnification range. You can quickly and easily gain more insight with 46x to 675x magnification and keep a comfortable 33 mm working distance.

High Magnification Objective: Leica PlanApo FOV 3.60
This high power objective is ideally suited for magnification up to 2,350x at 425 nm resolution. Enjoy working with this objective to see more details thanks to the PlanApo corrected zoom optics from Leica Microsystems.

Why you can discover more with the Leica DVM6

  • 10-megapixel high-resolution camera
  • Fast live image display with more than 30 frames per second
  • More details with excellent PlanApo-corrected Leica optics
  • Illuminate your sample uniformly even at large field of view
  • Combine illumination and contrasting options in various ways to highlight your sample features best
1: Captured with low magnification objective, zoom 10x. Without BLI / with BLI
2: Captured with mid magnification objective, zoom 1x. Ringlight illumination / diffusor adapter / polarizer adapter

Discover your possibilities with optional accessories

With a wide variety of illumination options and accessories you can:

  • Explore hard-to-image regions of interest with the BLI Transmitted Illumination Adapter (Backlight Illumination) for precise analysis of thermal vias in PCBs or inspection of transparent materials, for example.
  • Effectively reduce glare on reflective samples, such as polished metal surfaces with the Diffusor Adapter.
  • Accurately identify particle contamination or material properties with the Polarizer Adapter.
  • Easily access any sample, even if it is large or bulky with a larger microscope stand - the DVM6 interface module allows you to mount the zoom module onto an XL focus column from Leica Microsystems. 

Find your Leica DVM6 configuration

The Leica DVM6 digital microscope is available in three different configurations to help you find the solution that best fits your application and budget needs. 

  • Are you also looking for multi-focus images and 3D-analysis? With the DVM6 S you add the comfort of a motorized focus to the imaging capabilities. And you will love the autofocus.
  • Would you also like to scan larger areas in high resolution? The DVM6 A is the recommended microscope if versatility is required. You can capture large images in XYZ with just a single click.

Contact us for more information on the DVM6 configurations.

Adaptable to larger samples

Leica DVM6 M – Digital Microscope Zoom Module

If your sample is too large or bulky for the standard Leica DVM6 configurations, the modular DVM6 M offers you more configuration flexibility for a wide range of applications.

With a special interface adapter, the DVM6 M zoom module can be used with selected stands from the Leica M series. This allows you to examine larger and higher samples.

Customize the DVM6 M to your needs.

For large surface inspection of automotive parts

DVM6 M with 

  • Low magnification objective PlanApo FOV 43.75
  • Motorized focus with profile column 620 mm M series
  • Universal base plate, XL

For quick quality control in electronic production

DVM6 M with 

  • Low magnification objective PlanApo FOV 43.75
  • Coarse/fine focusing drive with profile column 420 mm M series
  • Universal base plate, XL
  • Gliding stage, clampable

For quality assurance of medical devices

DVM6 M with 

  • Mid magnification objective PlanApo FOV 12.55
  • Motorized focus with profile column 620 mm
    M series
  • TL5000 Ergo Transmitted Light Base

Earth sciences: One tool to do everything

The DVM6 M Pol configuration with rotating stage

Have you sometimes wished  for one single microsope to look at all your geological samples – prepared and unprepared? Now it’s available!

Leica offers a digitial microscope solution for polarized light applications: The DVM6 M Pol configuration , including a rotatable stage.

From thin sections to entire fossils, inspect everything with just one instrument. Enjoy working with more illumination options, e.g. integrated ring light, coaxial light, and a transmitted light base with high numerical aperture. 

Feature list Leica DVM6

  • Manual or motorized versions
  • All system components encoded – also for the manual version
  • Motorized versions are hybrid and can be operated manually as well for fast coarse positioning
  • Zoom module with 16:1 zoom range
  • Integrated 10-megapixel high-resolution camera
  • PlanApo-corrected Leica optics with long working distance
  • Motorized and software-controlled Iris diaphragm
  • Integrated ring light and coaxial LED illumination
  • Snap-on adapters for ring light contrasting (polarizer, diffusor, low angle illumination)
  • Backlight illumination for translucent samples
  • Tilting stand for one-handed operation, tilting from -60° to +60°
  • Focus drive with a travel range of 60 mm
  • XY stage with a travel range of 70 mm x 50 mm
  • Autofocus with two options: one shot on region of interest, or continuous autofocus
  • LAS X software

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