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Digital Microscope Leica DVM6

Unique one-hand operation

Unique one-hand operation

With the Leica DVM6, you need only one hand to swap objectives, tilt the microscope head to change the viewing perspective, reposition a sample or zoom in on it. And operation is equally easy for right- and lefthanders alike, because the instrument is symmetrical.

Johny Feelgood

With the DVM6 you are faster in any sample inspections, and the final report is only a click away! 

Objective change: plug and see

Work seamlessly from 12x up to 2,350x magnification while changing objective - the sample always stays in focus.

Tiling: scan with one click

High resolution sample overview with fast stitching– each scan one click for many samples. 

Tilting: change your perspective

Observe your sample from different angels and see more details - tilting from -60° to +60°.

Image samples from mini to massive with the DVM6 M digital microscope

DVM6 M digital microscopes are ideal for inspection of automotive and aerospace parts, fabrications and assemblies, castings, bearings, valves, seals, welds and much more. Inspect samples as tall as 14.5" (37cm) with the clarity and resolution to capture the details you need to drive quality.