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Leica DMi8 Live Cell Imaging System

A shift of perspective from microscope components to a live cell imaging system dedicated to your applications. Keep your cells alive using environmental components such as the new INCUBATORi8.

  • Fully motorized Leica DMi8
  • Leica Adaptive Focus Control (AFC)
  • Infinity Port (Additional incident illumination port)
  • Leica Application Suite X (Software)
  • Mobile Connection (Software module for remote control of experiments)
  • Lumen Dynamics  X-Cite® XLED1 (LED illumination)
  • INCUBATORi8 (Environmental chamber)
  • Andor Zyla (sCMOS camera)
  • Photometrics DualView™ (Image Splitter)
Cell viability assay. Courtesy of Adrien Eberlin & Marc Koch, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France.

Brilliant Illumination

Only illuminate your cells when you need to. Fast switching LED based light sources like Lumen Dynamics X-Cite® XLED1 and Lumencor SPECTRA X light engine®, as well as the Leica EL 6000, minimize phototoxicity during long term experiments and provide stable light intensity during long screening experiments, so cells stay healthy from the first image to the last.

Outstanding Image Quality

The best image quality combines superior optics with intelligent innovations for live cell research.

Choose objectives with a motorized correction collar to simplify adaption to different refractive indices. The Water Immersion Microdispenser counteracts evaporation of water as an immersion medium during long term observation at 37°C. To match the refractive indices of living samples, the dedicated 63x glycerol objective is also optimized for 37°C. Maintain the sharpest images with ease.

Stay in Focus

Adaptive Focus Control (AFC) actively keeps the focus stable even after changing environmental conditions. The image-based High Speed Autofocus uses independent camera and illumination settings to find the focal plane with a low amount of light on the sample. Combine AFC with High-Speed Autofocus to actively refocus, lower focus time and minimize phototoxicity.

Create the Right Environment

With the Environmental Control module of LAS X, you can monitor temperature, CO2 and O2 conditions at all times. All environmental parameter controls are combined in one user-interface, making it easy to keep track of them throughout your experiment.

Get Connected with Mobile Connection

Stay in touch with your live cell experiments anywhere and anytime with LAS X Mobile Connection. With Mobile Connection you can start, stop, pause and review the imaging and environmental conditions of your current experiment from your mobile device.