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Photomanipulation with DMi8 S: Flexible live cell imaging

The Leica DMi8 S microscopy system lets you easily combine applications by adding 1 or more advanced fluorescence imaging modules, such as the Infinity Scanner and Infinity TIRF. Get unprecedented flexibility allowing you to expose your sample to multiple techniques simultaneously, giving you deeper insights into your cells. 

How to do Koehler alignment on a DMi8 microscope

This video goes over how to perform Koehler alignment or illumination on a DMi8 inverted microscope. Koehler alignment is important for centering and focusing the transmitted light. The result is evenly illuminated images with the best resolution. It is essential for all transmitted light methods: brightfield, phase contrast, polarized light, and differential interference contrast (DIC).  

Note that this video was shot using a motorized DMi8 with a fixed condenser. If you're using a DMi8 with a movable condenser head, avoid the 5X objective as you will have a hard time obtaining the crisp circle shape.

Leica Microsystems DMi8 Touchscreen Overview

This video goes over the user interface on a Leica Microsystems DMi8 microscope touchscreen, including the illumination/status tab, the contrast tab, the objective tab, and the XYZ tab.

Learn which objectives work with which contrast modalities, like phase contrast or DIC. If you have a motorized microscope, you can also use the touchscreen to change filters and objectives, as well as control the speed of the Z focus and XY stage control. Learn how to set a focus position and a lower limit. The DM6 B upright microscope has an almost identical interface, so the contents of this video are also applicable on a DM6 B.