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Leica DMi8 for Screening Life Science Research

Leica DMi8 High Content Screening

Breakthrough discoveries happen when you are in the right place at the right time and have the right equipment at hand.

  • Leica DMi8 motorized microscope
  • High Precision Scanning Stage (motorized XY positioning)
  • Closed Loop Focus Drive (precise positioning along z axis)
  • Leica Application Suite X (software)
  • High Content Screening Module (software module)
  • Lumen Dynamics X-Cite® XLED1 (LED illumination)
  • Leica DFC365 FX camera (CCD camera)
  • Motorized Correction Collar (adjustment for different refractive indices)
  • Water Immersion Microdispenser (for water immersion objectives)

Precise XY Positioning

Follow your samples over time with confidence. With resolution down to 5 nm, the LMT200 High Precision Stage offers extremely high positional accuracy and repositioning rate, so you can track multiple stage points without measurable drift.

Accurate Focusing

Acquiring an image over a long period of time requires the system to track changes in the z axis of your sample. Combine the Closed Loop Focus with the high-speed autofocus module in the Leica DMi8 and even small changes in the z axis over long screening experiments can be corrected.  Never worry again about losing focus.

Simple Screening

Screening ranges from simple multi-position imaging to complex acquisition setups. The workflow-based structure of Leica MatrixScreener in LAS X makes setting up a new experiment from scratch straightforward and flexible. Additionally, users can load user-defined screening experiments easily, saving even more time.

Detect Rare Events

The CAM (Computer Aided Microscopy) interface enables you to run external analysis packages and scripts during a screening experiment and react to rare events on the fly. Store your image data as OME-TIFF files on external server stations, analyze the data while the experiment is running and continue imaging only those samples in which you are interested.

Innovative Optics

The best image quality combines superior optics with cutting-edge innovations. Choose objectives with a motorized correction collar to simplify adaption to different refractive indices. For water immersion objectives, the Water Immersion Microdispenser counteracts evaporation during long term observation at 37°C. Maintain the sharpest images with ease.

Brilliant Illumination

Only illuminate your cells when you need to. Fast-switching LED-based light sources such as the Lumen Dynamics X-Cite® XLED1 and Lumencor SPECTRA X light engine® minimize phototoxicity during long-term experiments and provide stable intensities throughout the experiment, so cells stay healthy from the first image to the last.

Cell viability assay. Courtesy of Adrien Eberlin & Marc Koch, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France.