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Leica DMi8 for TIRF Life Science Research

Leica DMi8 TIRF System

Perform detailed studies of the inner workings of cells with the Leica DMi8 outfitted for TIRF microscopy.

  • Fully motorized Leica DMi8
  • TIRF module
  • Plan corrected TIRF objectives
  • Optional INCUBATORi8 (environmental chamber)
  • LAS X (software)
  • Leica DFC365 FX camera (CCD camera)

Focus on the Cell

Take the mystery out of setting up a TIRF experiment. With automated setup and laser alignment in LAS X software, you can minimize training and set up time and get to what really matters, your experiment.

Take a Closer Look

High image quality starts with brilliant optics. With Plan corrected TIRF objectives and Field Number 16, you can see the smallest details of your sample, even at the edges of the field. Temperature correction provides stable, sharp images no matter whether the experiment takes place at room temperature or in a controlled environment.

Tubulin (green) and Galectin-3 (red) in a fibroblast. Courtesy of Ralf Jacob, Philipps University Marburg, Germany

Understand More

Uncover the answers your data contain. Whether you want to study localization, motility, or multicolor interactions, LAS X makes analysis of TIRF data sets intuitive, fast and flexible.

See the Details

In life science, every sample is unique. The rotatable TIRF laser allows you to define the direction of the evanescent field to gain the most information from your sample.  Automated adjustment for different laser wavelengths (405, 488, 561, 635 nm) facilitates straightforward setup of the system for multicolor samples.

C2 Fibroplasts, Green: N-Cadherin (GFP), Red: EB3 (mCherry). Courtesy of R. Mège (Institute Fer à Moulin, Paris).

Be Confident

With unique automated features, you can easily get highly reproducible results. Detection of penetration depth and laser position combined with multiple laser options for multicolor assays ensure that you can obtain the data you need with confidence.