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Leica Application Suite

Easy and Efficient

Leica Application Suite (LAS) integrates the most recent advances in research microscopy and camera technology as well as sophisticated data and digital image analysis into one common software environment to provide an easy-to-use and consistent imaging solution with unrivalled performance. With its wide range of imaging capabilities LAS provides an excellent software platform for Life Science researchers making it easy to complete demanding imaging tasks from acquisition, to analysis and to the final report or research paper.

Modular Structure for Life Science and Industrial applications

Due to its modular structure LAS can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of a vast range of Life Science Research and Industrial applications: From multichannel fluorescence imaging (LAS Image Overlay), to time-lapse imaging (LAS Time-Lapse) to extended depth of focus (LAS Montage) or extended field of view imaging (LAS Live Image Builder XYZ). With these and the wide range of other modules available there is a solution to almost every imaginable imaging task.

In addition to supporting all the Leica upright, inverted and stereo microscopes, LAS brings the additional benefit of supporting and controlling many of the Leica accessories including the LED Light sources and automated stages ensuring a user friendly environment, increasing productivity and guaranteeing reproducible results.