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Whole slide acquisition in high speed using the Quantum Stage

A quantum leap in high speed acquisition.

High speed acquisition with 5x objective and DFC7000 T, full frame. Slide courtesy of IGBMC, France.

Reconstruction of a zebrafish embryo in 3D

3D reconstruction of a zebrafish lateral line primordium (green) with adjacent neurons (red), muscles (gray) and nuclei (blue) gives insight into spatial organization during embryogenesis. Courtesy of…

Innervation of a zebrafish embryo

The lateral line (green) of a zebrafish gets innervated (red) during embryo development visualized by time-lapse fluorescence microscopy. Courtesy of Darren Gilmour, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany.

Activity of neuroendocrine cells in drosophila

Neuroendocrine cells (green) of an adult fruit fly are organized in the pars intercerebralis and reach out to the intestine. Actin filaments are depicted in purple. Courtesy of Dr. Satoru Kobayashi,…

The LAS X Image Analysis - An introduction to the 3D Image Analysis Workflow

This Leica LAS X image analysis video tutorial provides users with an introduction on how to perform threshold-based image analysis using the LAS X 3D image analysis module. It provides an orientation…

LAS X File Management - Using the Open Projects tab to better manage .lif files

Basic overview of the Open Projects tab, .lif files, renaming and deleting files, and how to autosave.

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