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Supported Hardware (Widefield systems)

Short description
CCD cameras, monochrome DFC340 FX, DFC345 FX, DFC350 FX, DFC360 FX, DFC365 FX, DFC3000 G, DFC9000 GT/ GTC, Photometrics Myo, Photometrics Kino
CCD cameras, color DFC310FX, DFC425 /C, DFC450 /C, DFC495, DFC550, DFC7000T, DMC4500
EM CCD cameras Andor iXon 885/897, Andor iXonUltra 888/ 897, Andor iXonX3 885/897, Hamamatsu C9100 -02/-13/-14, Photometrics Evolve 512/ Delta
sCMOS cameras, monochrome Hamamatsu Orca R2, Hamamatsu Flash 4.0 / V2, Andor Neo 5.5, Andor Zyla 4.2, PCO Edge 4.2, PCO Edge 5.5
CMOS cameras, color DFC295, DMC2900, IC80HD, IC90E, ICC50 HD/W/E, MC120 HD, MC170 HD, MC190 HD
LED fluorescence light sources Leica SFL7000, Lumencor Spectra X, Lumen Dynamics XLED1, CoolLED pE-300W, CoolLed pE-4000
LED light sources for stereo microscopes Leica LED5000 RL Ringlight, Leica LED5000 SLI Spotlight, Leica LED5000 MCI Multi contrast illumination system
Other fluorescence light sources Leica EL6000, Lumen Dynamics: X-Cite 200 DC, Sutter Instruments: DG-4 Plus and DG-5 Plus (versions from July 2015 or later).
Motorized and scanning stages for inverted microscopes Leica motorized 3-plate-stage, Leica scanning stage 127x83, Marzhauser SCANplus IM 130 x 85 scanning stage with encoder, LMT200 high precision scanning stage with encoder
Motorized and scanning stages for upright research microscopes Scanning stage 100 x 100 mot, Scanning stage 130 x 85 for 4 slides, Scanning stage for 8 slides, Motorized Stage 75 x 50 with integrated controller, Motorized Stage for DM6 B (STAGE-BM mot. 7238)
Motorized and scanning stages for stereo microscopes LMT260 XY high precision scanning stage, Motorized IsoPro 6x4” XY stage
Incubators, Environmental equipment PeconTempController 2000-1, Pecon TempController 2000-2, Pecon CO2-Controller 2000, Pecon CO2/O2-Controller 2000, Tokai Hit INUBG2ATFP-WSKM Controller (110-120V), Tokai Hit INUBG2ETFP-WSKM Controller (220-240V), Life Imaging Services (Ludin) Cube2, Life Imaging Services (Ludin) Brick, Okolab CO2 Unit-BL, Okolab CO2-O2 Unit-BL, Okolab H201-T-UNIT-BL, Okolab H301-T-UNIT-BL, Okolab Uno
Fine focus Leica SuperZ Galvo
Leica External Filter Wheels High speed filter wheels including (27ms switching time)
Dual View Beam Splitter Photometrics Dual View DV2
Leica Water Immersion Micro Dispenser Water immersion dispenser to compensate evaporation. Ideal for screening and multi positioning experiments (compatible objectives)
Leica MotCorr Motorized movement of correction ring (dedicated objectives only)