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Create a Single Sharp Image, Effectively Extending the Depth-of-Focus of the Microscope Leica LAS Multifocus

The LAS Multifocus module integrates with Leica microscopes and digital cameras to automatically capture a stack of images at different focus positions.

These images are then combined into a single Extended Depth of Focus image that shows in a single image all in-focus parts of the stack.

Z-stack gallery allows a specific image to be quickly located and easily viewed. In conjunction with a microscope equipped with motorized focus the acquisition is completely automatic although manual operation is also possible.

Automated capture of high depth of field images.

Your Advantages

Immediately derive high-quality

Immediately derive high-quality extended depth of focus image - see details in a single image that would normally be obscured.

Different configurations

Different configurations can be stored for later recall, allowing immediate use with standard specimens.

Automatic Z-stack image

Automatic Z-stack image capture for routine operation - Manual operation for economical solution.

Images from microscopes

Images from microscopes with non-telecentric optics can be resized and aligned using auto correlation - makes operation with Stereo microscopes a cinch.

Simplifies the operation

The user can easily establish Z-range that is required with d step-size calculated from known optical aperture read by computer from microscope - Simplifies the operation and gives the user optimum conditions.