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The Powerful Core Module for Life Science Research Leica LAS X Core

The LAS X Core Module has full image viewing capabilities, including annotations, image overlay and image comparison. Create Maximum Intensity projections, quantify your images and export image series as a movie. Apply processing tools such as noise reduction filters, parallax correction and shading correction.

The LAS X Core Module includes control of your Leica Microsystems microscope. With a compatible Leica camera added, you have a complete image acquisition station. To experience the full capabilities of LAS X software, LAS X Core also comes with a 30 day trial version of all optional modules such as screening, 3D and 2D image analysis and measurements.

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Leica LAS X Core

Your Advantages

Ease of Use Image Viewer

Ease of Use

The workflow oriented design guides you safely and intuitively through data recording and evaluation. Save customized system settings and recall them during start up for maximum reproducibility. Configure components such as objectives and filter cubes within LAS X, without the need to shut down the application. On widefield systems you can switch into the Easy Operation Mode and design your own layout of the user interface.

Intelligent automation and the ergonomic design of LAS X reduces learning and training time, allowing you to focus on your research rather than on the software.

Image Viewer

Display images live during acquisition with the Image Viewer. Review data, write annotations, create image overlays or compare different experiments with each other. The Image Gallery offers a thumbnail view of the experiment with various display and filter options available such as selecting the image with the best focus at each time point automatically.

Quantification Processing Tools


Quantify your experiment. Plot average intensities for a large number of ROIs over time, display their statistics and export the data to Excel. Display line profiles and histograms.

Processing Tools

Select from a rich choice of processing tools including cropping, image merging, image algebra, image alignment, and image adjustments with background subtraction.