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VR Showcase for the STELLARS confocal microscopy platform

02 Feb 2023 15:00 UTC


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Date: February 2nd

Time: 15:00 London | 16:00 Berlin | 19:00 Dubai

Join our Advanced Workflow Specialists on the virtual space station for a virtual reality showcase of Leica´s confocal microscopy platform, STELLARIS.

Be part of the highly interactive discovery tour of the Leica STELLARIS platform. Take a seat directly next to our experts in front of the microscope, configure various multicolor experiments and immediately see the result.

In this virtual reality showcase, you will:

  • Learn how to obtain clear, sharp images from multicolor experiments by tuning excitation and detection to perfectly match the spectral profile of the dyes in your sample, including into the near infrared range.
  • See how to enhance your live cell imaging even when recording volumes over time.
  • Discover new tools for simultaneously capturing fluorescence intensity and lifetime-based information from the dyes in your sample.
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