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Publications 2019

PAUF/ZG16B promotes colorectal cancer progression through alterations of the mitotic functions and the Wnt/β-catenin pathway
Escudero-Paniagua B, Bartolomé R, Rodríguez S, de los Ríos V, Pintado L, et. al.

Protoplast isolation and culture from Kalanchoë species: optimization of plant growth regulator concentration for efficient callus production
Cui J, Kuligowska Mackenzie K, Eeckhaut T, Müller R, Lütken H
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC)
2019 pp: 1-11

The anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome: a new promising target in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and mantle cell lymphoma
Maes A, Maes K, De Raeve H, De Smedt E, Vlummens P, et. al.
British Journal of Cancer

High pressure processing of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) fillets and tools for flesh quality and shelf life monitoring
Tsironi T, Anjos L, Pinto P, Dimopoulos G, Santos S, et. al.
Journal of Food Engineering

Inflammatory mediators of prostate epithelial cells stimulated with Trichomonas vaginalis promote proliferative and invasive properties of prostate cancer cells
Han I, Kim J, Jang K, Ryu J
The Prostate
2019 pp: pros.23826

TDR INTERACTING PROTEIN 3, encoding a PHD ‐finger transcription factor, regulates Ubisch bodies and pollen wall formation in rice
Yang Z, Sun L, Zhang P, Zhang Y, Yu P, et. al.
The Plant Journal
2019 pp: tpj.14365

PET Neuroimaging Reveals Serotonergic and Metabolic Dysfunctions in the Hippocampal Electrical Kindling Model of Epileptogenesis
Bascuñana P, García-García L, Javela J, Fernández de la Rosa R, Shiha A, et. al.
2019 vol: 409 pp: 101-110

DNA insecticide developed from the Lymantria dispar 5.8S ribosomal RNA gene provides a novel biotechnology for plant protection
Oberemok V, Laikova K, Gal’chinsky N, Useinov R, Novikov I, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2019 vol: 9 (1) pp: 6197

Neuroprotective effects of lithium on a chronic MPTP mouse model of Parkinson's disease via regulation of α‑synuclein methylation
Zhao Q, Liu H, Cheng J, Zhu Y, Xiao Q, et. al.
Molecular Medicine Reports
2019 vol: 19 (6) pp: 4989-4997

Molecular and cellular adaptations to exercise training in skeletal muscle from cancer patients treated with chemotherapy
Møller A, Lønbro S, Farup J, Voss T, Rittig N, et. al.
Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
2019 vol: 145 (6) pp: 1449-1460

Nitrosative stress drives heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
Schiattarella G, Altamirano F, Tong D, French K, Villalobos E, et. al.
2019 vol: 568 (7752) pp: 351-356

Comparison of Three Processes for Parenteral Nanoemulsion Production: Ultrasounds, Microfluidizer, and Premix Membrane Emulsification
Alliod O, Almouazen E, Nemer G, Fessi H, Charcosset C
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences

Comparative anatomical investigation of five Artemisia L. (Anthemideae, Asteraceae) species in view of taxonomy
Janaćković P, Gavrilović M, Rančić D, Dajić-Stevanović Z, Giweli A, et. al.
Brazilian Journal of Botany
2019 vol: 42 (1) pp: 135-147

Two new species of Pucciniastrum producing dimorphic sori and spores from northeast of China
Ji J, Li Z, Li Y, Kakishima M
Mycological Progress
2019 vol: 18 (4) pp: 529-540

Calcimimetics maintain bone turnover in uremic rats despite the concomitant decrease in parathyroid hormone concentration
Díaz-Tocados J, Rodríguez-Ortiz M, Almadén Y, Pineda C, Martínez-Moreno J, et. al.
Kidney International
2019 vol: 95 (5) pp: 1064-1078

Colonization of legumes by an endophytic Fusarium solani strain FsK reveals common features to symbionts or pathogens
Skiada V, Faccio A, Kavroulakis N, Genre A, Bonfante P, et. al.
Fungal Genetics and Biology
2019 vol: 127 pp: 60-74

Hyaluronic acid inhibition by 4-methylumbelliferone reduces the expression of cancer stem cells markers during hepatocarcinogenesis
Sukowati C, Anfuso B, Fiore E, Ie S, Raseni A, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2019 vol: 9 (1) pp: 4026

Ectopic expression of human airway trypsin-like protease 4 in acute myeloid leukemia promotes cancer cell invasion and tumor growth
Yan R, Liu M, Hu Y, Wang L, Wang C, et. al.
Cancer Medicine

Distribution of harmful dinoflagellate cysts in the surface sediments of Daya Bay of the South China Sea and their relationship to environmental factors
Li Y, Tang Y, Shen P, Li G, Tan Y
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation
2019 vol: 139 pp: 44-53

Flow-induced synthesis of polystyrene–block–poly(ethylene glycol) vesicles on the interface of a laminated microflow
Nguyen X, Jeon H, Park D, Huh J, Go J
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
2019 vol: 29 (4) pp: 045003

Raman and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy application to the Puno and Titicaca cvs. of quinoa seed microstructure and perisperm characterization
Czekus B, Pećinar I, Petrović I, Paunović N, Savić S, et. al.
Journal of Cereal Science
2019 vol: 87 pp: 25-30

Ghrelin Promotes Cortical Neurites Growth in Late Stage After Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation/Reperfusion Injury
Liu J, Chen M, Dong R, Sun C, Li S, et. al.
Journal of Molecular Neuroscience
2019 vol: 68 (1) pp: 29-37

Activators of SIRT1 in wound repair: an animal model study
Christovam A, Theodoro V, Mendonça F, Esquisatto M, dos Santos G, et. al.
Archives of Dermatological Research
2019 vol: 311 (3) pp: 193-201

Karyotype diversity between species of Crenicichla (Perciformes, Cichlidae) from different Brazilian hydrographic basins
Pires L, Usso M, Giuliano-Caetano L, Dias A, Pires L, et. al.
Genetics and Molecular Biology

Perivascular adipose tissue modulates carotid plaque formation induced by disturbed flow in mice
Ren L, Wang L, You T, Liu Y, Wu F, et. al.
Journal of Vascular Surgery

Do electrical current and laser therapies improve bone remodeling during an orthodontic treatment with corticotomy?
Zaniboni E, Bagne L, Camargo T, do Amaral M, Felonato M, et. al.
Clinical Oral Investigations
2019 pp: 1-15

Effects of low-level laser therapy on the organization of articular cartilage in an experimental microcrystalline arthritis model
Felizatti A, do Bomfim F, Bovo J, de Aro A, do Amaral M, et. al.
Lasers in Medical Science
2019 pp: 1-12

Acanthocytosis and brain damage in area postrema and choroid plexus: Description of novel signs of Loxosceles apachea envenomation in rats
Plenge-Tellechea L, Hernández-Ramos Á, Muñoz J, Barraza-Garza G, Rico-Escobar E, et. al.
2019 vol: 14 (2) pp: e0211689

Photo-thermal regulation of neuropeptide Y (NPY) expression in ovarian follicles and ovarian activity of the catfish, Clarias batrachus
Singh P, Lal B
General and Comparative Endocrinology

Demulsification of water-in-oil emulsions using ionic liquids: Effects of counterion and water type
Adewunmi A, Kamal M
Journal of Molecular Liquids
2019 vol: 279 pp: 411-419

Homeostatic Control of Sebaceous Glands by Innate Lymphoid Cells Regulates Commensal Bacteria Equilibrium
Kobayashi T, Voisin B, Kim D, Kennedy E, Jo J, et. al.
2019 vol: 176 (5) pp: 982-997.e16

Involvement of M1 and M3 receptors in isolated pancreatic islets function during weight cycling in ovariectomized rats
Pacher K, Camargo T, Andrade T, Barbosa-Sampaio H, Amaral M
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
2019 pp: bcb-2018-0306

Formyl peptide receptor 1 signalling promotes experimental colitis in mice
Di Paola R, Fusco R, Gugliandolo E, D’Amico R, Cordaro M, et. al.
Pharmacological Research
2019 vol: 141 pp: 591-601

Design and characterization of a chitosan-enriched fibrin hydrogel for human dental pulp regeneration
Ducret M, Montembault A, Josse J, Pasdeloup M, Celle A, et. al.
Dental Materials
2019 vol: 35 (4) pp: 523-533

Amperometric Automation and Optimization Paper Microfluidic Viscometer
Puneeth S B, Sanket G
IEEE Sensors Letters
2019 vol: 3 (3) pp: 1-4

Feed Restriction Modifies Intestinal Microbiota-Host Mucosal Networking in Chickens Divergent in Residual Feed Intake
Metzler-Zebeli B, Siegerstetter S, Magowan E, Lawlor P, Petri R, et. al.
2019 vol: 4 (1) pp: e00261-18

Annexin A1 as Neuroprotective Determinant for Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity in Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy
Gussenhoven R, Klein L, Ophelders D, Habets D, Giebel B, et. al.
Journal of Clinical Medicine
2019 vol: 8 (2) pp: 137

Metastatic immune infiltrates correlate with those of the primary tumour in canine osteosarcoma
Withers S, York D, Choi J, Woolard K, Laufer‐Amorim R, et. al.
Veterinary and Comparative Oncology
2019 pp: vco.12459

Podocyte GSK3 is an evolutionarily conserved critical regulator of kidney function
Hurcombe J, Hartley P, Lay A, Ni L, Bedford J, et. al.
Nature Communications
2019 vol: 10 (1) pp: 403

Defective circadian control in mesenchymal cells reduces adult bone mass in mice by promoting osteoclast function
Tsang K, Liu H, Yang Y, Charles J, Ermann J
2019 vol: 121 pp: 172-180

Gene and Mirna Regulatory Networks During Different Stages of Crohn’s Disease
Verstockt S, De Hertogh G, Van der Goten J, Verstockt B, Vancamelbeke M, et. al.
Journal of Crohn's and Colitis

Kruppel-like factor 4 regulates developmental angiogenesis through disruption of the RBP-J–NICD–MAML complex in intron 3 of Dll4
Boriushkin E, Zhang H, Becker M, Peachey J, Shatat M, et. al.
2019 vol: 22 (2) pp: 295-309

O-glycans truncation modulates gastric cancer cell signaling and transcription leading to a more aggressive phenotype
Freitas D, Campos D, Gomes J, Pinto F, Macedo J, et. al.
2019 vol: 40 pp: 349-362

The association of adelmidrol with sodium hyaluronate displays beneficial properties against bladder changes following spinal cord injury in mice
Campolo M, Siracusa R, Cordaro M, Filippone A, Gugliandolo E, et. al.
2019 vol: 14 (1) pp: e0208730

N-Palmitoylethanolamine-oxazoline (PEA-OXA): A new therapeutic strategy to reduce neuroinflammation, oxidative stress associated to vascular dementia in an experimental model of repeated bilateral common carotid arteries occlusion
Impellizzeri D, Siracusa R, Cordaro M, Crupi R, Peritore A, et. al.
Neurobiology of Disease
2019 vol: 125 pp: 77-91

NCOA4 maintains murine erythropoiesis via cell autonomous and non-autonomous mechanisms
Santana-Codina N, Gableske S, Quiles Del Rey M, Małachowska B, Jedrychowski M, et. al.
2019 pp: haematol.2018.204123

Assessment of Diagnostic Strategy for Early Recognition of Bullous and Nonbullous Variants of Pemphigoid
Meijer J, Diercks G, de Lang E, Pas H, Jonkman M
JAMA Dermatology
2019 vol: 155 (2) pp: 158

Pyrocarbon versus cobalt-chromium in the context of spherical interposition implants: an in vitro study on cultured chondrocytes
Hannoun A, Ouenzerfi G, Brizuela L, Mebarek S, Bougault C, et. al.
European Cells and Materials
2019 vol: 37 pp: 1-15

The circadian regulator Bmal1 in joint mesenchymal cells regulates both joint development and inflammatory arthritis
Hand L, Dickson S, Freemont A, Ray D, Gibbs J
Arthritis Research & Therapy
2019 vol: 21 (1) pp: 5

OsMS1 functions as a transcriptional activator to regulate programmed tapetum development and pollen exine formation in rice
Yang Z, Liu L, Sun L, Yu P, Zhang P, et. al.
Plant Molecular Biology
2019 vol: 99 (1-2) pp: 175-191

(-)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, reduces corneal damage secondary from experimental grade II alkali burns in mice
Gulias-Cañizo R, Lagunes-Guillén A, González-Robles A, Sánchez-Guzmán E, Castro-Muñozledo F
2019 vol: 45 (2) pp: 398-412

Oxidative stress generated by irradiation of a zinc(II) phthalocyanine induces a dual apoptotic and necrotic response in melanoma cells
Valli F, García Vior M, Roguin L, Marino J
2019 vol: 24 (1-2) pp: 119-134

MiR-24 inhibits inflammatory responses in LPS-induced acute lung injury of neonatal rats through targeting NLRP3
Lin Y, Yang Y
Pathology - Research and Practice
2019 vol: 215 (4) pp: 683-688

Magnetometry based method for investigation of nanoparticle clearance from circulation in a liver perfusion model
Zelepukin I, Yaremenko A, Petersen E, Deyev S, Cherkasov V, et. al.
2019 vol: 30 (10) pp: 105101

Benzothiazole inhibits the growth of Phytophthora capsici through inducing apoptosis and suppressing stress responses and metabolic detoxification
Mei X, Liu Y, Huang H, Du F, Huang L, et. al.
Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology
2019 vol: 154 pp: 7-16

The GMO90+ Project: Absence of Evidence for Biologically Meaningful Effects of Genetically Modified Maize-based Diets on Wistar Rats After 6-Months Feeding Comparative Trial
Coumoul X, Servien R, Juricek L, Kaddouch-Amar Y, Lippi Y, et. al.
Toxicological Sciences
2019 vol: 168 (2) pp: 315-338

Experimental rat prostatitis caused by Trichomonas vaginalis infection
Jang K, Han I, Lee S, Yoo J, Kim Y, et. al.
The Prostate
2019 vol: 79 (4) pp: 379-389

Presence of Phytophthora species in Swedish Christmas tree plantations
Pettersson M, Frampton J, Rönnberg J, Brurberg M, Talgø V
European Journal of Plant Pathology
2019 vol: 153 (4) pp: 1221-1236

Extrafloral nectaries of Cylindropuntia imbricata (Cactaceae) in the southern Chihuahuan Desert: anatomy and interaction with ants
Ávila-Argáez M, Yáñez-Espinosa L, Badano E, Barragán-Torres F, Flores J
Arthropod-Plant Interactions
2019 vol: 13 (3) pp: 401-40

Recovery From a Myocardial Infarction Is Impaired in Male C57bl/6 N Mice Acutely Exposed to the Bisphenols and Phthalates That Escape From Medical Devices Used in Cardiac Surgery
Shang J, Corriveau J, Champoux-Jenane A, Gagnon J, Moss E, et. al.
Toxicological Sciences
2019 vol: 168 (1) pp: 78-94

Occupational risk for personnel working in veterinary clinics through exposure to vectors of rickettsial pathogens
Escárcega-Ávila A, de la Mora-Covarrubias A, Quezada-Casasola A, Jiménez-Vega F
Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
2019 vol: 10 (2) pp: 299-304

Downregulation of HMGB1 is required for the protective role of Nrf2 in EMT‐mediated PF
Qu J, Zhang Z, Zhang P, Zheng C, Zhou W, et. al.
Journal of Cellular Physiology
2019 vol: 234 (6) pp: 8862-8872

Investigating the mechanical, physiochemical and osteogenic properties in gelatin-chitosan-bioactive nanoceramic composite scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration: In vitro and in vivo
Dasgupta S, Maji K, Nandi S
Materials Science and Engineering: C
2019 vol: 94 pp: 713-728

Electrical stimulation: Complementary therapy to improve the performance of grafts in bone defects?
Fonseca J, Bagne L, Meneghetti D, Santos G, Esquisatto M, et. al.
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials
2019 vol: 107 (4) pp: 924-932

Optimal combination of multiple cryoprotectants and freezing-thawing conditions for high lactobacilli survival rate during freezing and frozen storage
Wang G, Yu X, Lu Z, Yang Y, Xia Y, et. al.
2019 vol: 99 pp: 217-223

Infrared spectroscopy as a novel tool to diagnose onychomycosis
De Bruyne S, Speeckaert R, Boelens J, Hayette M, Speeckaert M, et. al.
British Journal of Dermatology
2019 vol: 180 (3) pp: 637-646

Mango phenolics increase the serum apolipoprotein A1/B ratio in rats fed high cholesterol and sodium cholate diets
Domínguez-Avila J, Astiazaran-Garcia H, Wall-Medrano A, de la Rosa L, Alvarez-Parrilla E, et. al.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
2019 vol: 99 (4) pp: 1604-1612

Association of macrophage and lymphocyte infiltration with outcome in canine osteosarcoma
Withers S, Skorupski K, York D, Choi J, Woolard K, et. al.
Veterinary and Comparative Oncology
2019 vol: 17 (1) pp: 49-60

Effect of incubation temperature on eggs and larvae of lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus)
Imsland A, Danielsen M, Jonassen T, Hangstad T, Falk-Petersen I
2019 vol: 498 pp: 217-222

Duodenal and Rectal Mucosa Inflammation in Patients With Non-celiac Wheat Sensitivity
Carroccio A, Giannone G, Mansueto P, Soresi M, La Blasca F, et. al.
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
2019 vol: 17 (4) pp: 682-690.e3

Publications 2018

A genetically engineered microRNA-34a prodrug demonstrates anti-tumor activity in a canine model of osteosarcoma
Alegre F, Ormonde A, Snider K, Woolard K, Yu A, et. al.
2018 vol: 13 (12) pp: e0209941

Ponatinib Inhibits Multiple Signaling Pathways Involved in STAT3 Signaling and Attenuates Colorectal Tumor Growth
Tan F, Putoczki T, Lou J, Hinde E, Hollande F, et. al.
2018 vol: 10 (12) pp: 526

Stability of PAM/PEI emulsified gels under HTHS conditions for water shut-off treatment
Sultan A
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology
2018 pp: 1-11

OsGPAT3 Plays a Critical Role in Anther Wall Programmed Cell Death and Pollen Development in Rice
Sun L, Xiang X, Yang Z, Yu P, Wen X, et. al.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences
2018 vol: 19 (12) pp: 4017

Sphingolipid-mediated inflammatory signaling leading to autophagy inhibition converts erythropoiesis to myelopoiesis in human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells
Orsini M, Chateauvieux S, Rhim J, Gaigneaux A, Cheillan D, et. al.
Cell Death & Differentiation
2018 pp: 1

Microbiota control acute arterial inflammation and neointimal hyperplasia development after arterial injury
Wun K, Theriault B, Pierre J, Chen E, Leone V, et. al.
2018 vol: 13 (12) pp: e0208426

pouC Regulates Expression of bmp4 During Atrioventricular Canal Formation in Zebrafish
Bhakta M, Padanad M, Harris J, Lubczyk C, Amatruda J, et. al.
Developmental Dynamics
2018 vol: 248 (2) pp: dvdy.2

The metabolite dimethylsulfoxonium propionate extends the marine organosulfur cycle
Thume K, Gebser B, Chen L, Meyer N, Kieber D, et. al.
2018 vol: 563 (7731) pp: 412-415

Bromodomain PHD‑finger transcription factor promotes glioma progression and indicates poor prognosis
Pan Y, Yuan F, Li Y, Wang G, Lin Z, et. al.
Oncology Reports
2018 vol: 41 (1) pp: 246-256

VCE-004.8, A Multitarget Cannabinoquinone, Attenuates Adipogenesis and Prevents Diet-Induced Obesity
Palomares B, Ruiz-Pino F, Navarrete C, Velasco I, Sánchez-Garrido M, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2018 vol: 8 (1) pp: 16092

Cellulose synthase-like D1 controls organ size in maize
Li W, Yang Z, Yao J, Li J, Song W, et. al.
BMC Plant Biology
2018 vol: 18 (1) pp: 239

Enhanced climate instability in the North Atlantic and southern Europe during the Last Interglacial
Tzedakis P, Drysdale R, Margari V, Skinner L, Menviel L, et. al.
Nature Communications
2018 vol: 9 (1) pp: 4235

DNA binding, cleavage and cytotoxicity studies of three mononuclear Cu(II) chloro-complexes containing N–S donor Schiff base ligands
Parsekar S, Fernandes J, Banerjee A, Chouhan O, Biswas S, et. al.
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry
2018 vol: 23 (8) pp: 1331-1349

Observations on the tubicolous annelid Magelona alleni (Magelonidae), with discussions on the relationship between morphology and behaviour of European magelonids
Mills K, Mortimer K
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
2018 pp: 1-13

Maternal high-fat diet results in microbiota-dependent expansion of ILC3s in mice offspring
Babu S, Niu X, Raetz M, Savani R, Hooper L, et. al.
JCI Insight
2018 vol: 3 (19)

Long-term preservation of potato leafroll virus, potato virus S, and potato spindle tuber viroid in cryopreserved shoot tips
Li J, Wang M, Chen H, Zhao L, Cui Z, et. al.
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
2018 vol: 102 (24) pp: 10743-10754

Structural characterization of vegetative organs of the endangered Brazilian native species Hesperozygis ringens (Benth.) Epling
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências
2018 vol: 90 (3) pp: 2887-2901

Effect of tofacitinib on the expression of noggin/BMP-4 and hair growth stimulation in mice
Meephansan J, Pongcharoensuk T, Thummakriengkrai J, Ponnikorn S, Yingmema W, et. al.
Archives of Dermatological Research
2018 vol: 310 (10) pp: 843-848

Assessment of adverse outcome of Excel Mera 71 in Anabas testudineus by histological and ultrastructural alterations
Samanta P, Pal S, Senapati T, Mukherjee A, Ghosh A
Aquatic Toxicology
2018 vol: 205 pp: 19-24

Usnea viktoriana (Ascomycota, Parmeliaceae), a new European taxon of the Usnea barbata - dasopoga group, with a key to the shrubby-subpendulous sorediate Usnea species in Europe
The Lichenologist
2018 vol: 50 (5) pp: 513-527

The role of epicuticular waxes on foliar metal transfer and phytotoxicity in edible vegetables: case of Brassica oleracea species exposed to manufactured particles
Dappe V, Dumez S, Bernard F, Hanoune B, Cuny D, et. al.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
2018 pp: 1-15

Effect of PEA-OXA on neuropathic pain and functional recovery after sciatic nerve crush
Gugliandolo E, D’amico R, Cordaro M, Fusco R, Siracusa R, et. al.
Journal of Neuroinflammation
2018 vol: 15 (1) pp: 264

Prediction models for postoperative uncontrolled chronic rhinosinusitis in daily practice
Tao X, Chen F, Sun Y, Wu S, Hong H, et. al.
The Laryngoscope
2018 vol: 128 (12) pp: 2673-2680

Microbial Sensing by Intestinal Myeloid Cells Controls Carcinogenesis and Epithelial Differentiation
Miyata N, Morris L, Chen Q, Thorne C, Singla A, et. al.
Cell reports
2018 vol: 24 (9) pp: 2342-2355

Activation of hepatic stem cells compartment during hepatocarcinogenesis in a HBsAg HBV-transgenic mouse model
Anfuso B, El-Khobar K, Ie S, Avellini C, Radillo O, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2018 vol: 8 (1) pp: 13168

Outer membrane lipoprotein RlpA is a novel periplasmic interaction partner of the cell division protein FtsK in Escherichia coli
Berezuk A, Glavota S, Roach E, Goodyear M, Krieger J, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2018 vol: 8 (1) pp: 1293

Tributyrin Supplementation Protects Immune Responses and Vasculature and Reduces Oxidative Stress in the Proximal Colon of Mice Exposed to Chronic-Binge Ethanol Feeding
Glueck B, Han Y, Cresci G
Journal of Immunology Research
2018 vol: 2018 pp: 1-13

Micronized palmitoylethanolamide reduces joint pain and glial cell activation
Bartolucci M, Marini I, Bortolotti F, Impellizzeri D, Di Paola R, et. al.
Inflammation Research
2018 vol: 67 (10) pp: 891-901

Increasing the bactofection capacity of a mammalian expression vector by removal of the f1 ori
Johnson S, Ormsby M, McIntosh A, Tait S, Blyth K, et. al.
Cancer Gene Therapy
2018 pp: 1

Ex vivo decontamination of yeast-colonized dentures by iodine–thiocyanate complexes
Sebaa S, Faltot M, Breucker S, Boucherit-Otmani Z, Bafort F, et. al.
Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry
2018 vol: 10 pp: 149

Regime shift in Lake Dianchi (China) during the last 50 years
Wang Y, Wang W, Wang Z, Li G, Liu Y
Journal of Oceanology and Limnology
2018 vol: 36 (4) pp: 1075-1090

Virus infection reduces shoot proliferation of in vitro stock cultures and ability of cryopreserved shoot tips to regenerate into normal shoots in ‘Gala’ apple (Malus × domestica)
Wang M, Hao X, Zhao L, Cui Z, Volk G, et. al.
2018 vol: 84 pp: 52-58

Replacing the 238th aspartic acid with an arginine impaired the oligomerization activity and inflammation-inducing property of pyolysin
Zhang W, Wang H, Wang B, Zhang Y, Hu Y, et. al.
2018 vol: 9 (1) pp: 1112-1125

Use of chemometric analyses to assess biological wastewater treatment plants by protozoa and metazoa monitoring
Amaral A, Leal C, Vaz A, Vieira J, Quinteiro A, et. al.
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
2018 vol: 190 (9) pp: 497

Quality assessment of cryopreserved black-lip pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera spermatozoa
Demoy-Schneider M, Schmitt N, Le Pennec G, Suquet M, Cosson J
2018 vol: 497 pp: 278-286

pH-sensitive folic acid and dNP2 peptide dual-modified liposome for enhanced targeted chemotherapy of glioma
Li M, Shi K, Tang X, Wei J, Cun X, et. al.
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2018 vol: 124 pp: 240-248

Oxidative stress and autophagy-related changes during retinal degeneration and development
Trachsel-Moncho L, Benlloch-Navarro S, Fernández-Carbonell Á, Ramírez-Lamelas D, Olivar T, et. al.
Cell Death & Disease
2018 vol: 9 (8) pp: 812

Allogeneic HSCT transfers wild-type cystinosin to nonhematological epithelial cells in cystinosis: First human report
Elmonem M, Veys K, Oliveira Arcolino F, Van Dyck M, Benedetti M, et. al.
American Journal of Transplantation
2018 vol: 18 (11) pp: 2823-2828

Effects of High-fat Diets on Biochemical Profiles and Morpho- Quantitative Characteristics of C57BL/6 Mice Adrenal Glands
Navarrete J, Vásquez B, Vasconcellos A, del-Sol M, Olave E, et. al.
International Journal of Morphology
2018 vol: 36 (2) pp: 722-729

Toxic effects of copper sulfate on diploid and triploid fin cell lines in Misgurnus anguillicaudatus
Qin Y, Li X, Yang Y, Li Z, Liang Y, et. al.
Science of The Total Environment
2018 vol: 643 pp: 1419-1426

Pathway Analysis Hints Towards Beneficial Effects of Long-Term Vibration on Human Chondrocytes
Lützenberg R, Solano K, Buken C, Sahana J, Riwaldt S, et. al.
Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
2018 vol: 47 (4) pp: 1729-1741

Genome wide analysis of TLR1/2- and TLR4-activated SZ95 sebocytes reveals a complex immune-competence and identifies serum amyloid A as a marker for activated sebaceous glands
Törőcsik D, Kovács D, Póliska S, Szentkereszty-Kovács Z, Lovászi M, et. al.
2018 vol: 13 (6) pp: e0198323

Expression of Galectins-1 and Galectin-3 in Stomach and Colorectal Cancer with Tissue Eosinophilia
Kolobovnikova Y, Dmitrieva A, Yankovich K, Vasil’eva O, Purlik I, et. al.
Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
2018 vol: 165 (2) pp: 256-258

Generation of GTKO Diannan Miniature Pig Expressing Human Complementary Regulator Proteins hCD55 and hCD59 via T2A Peptide-Based Bicistronic Vectors and SCNT
Liu F, Liu J, Yuan Z, Qing Y, Li H, et. al.
Molecular Biotechnology
2018 vol: 60 (8) pp: 550-562

Androgens induce growth of the limb skeletal muscles in a rapamycin-insensitive manner
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Modelling some aspects of the monocyclic phase of Stemphylium vesicarium, the pathogen causing purple spot on asparagus (Asparagus officinials L.)
Bohlen-Janssen H

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