Your benefits when working with the EM RAPID specimen trimming device

  • Control the feed for the milling cutter by selecting step sizes of 0.1, 1, 10, or 100 µm
  • Define the milling speed between 300 and 20,000 rpm
  • Easily approach to your sample with the auto-feed function
  • Accurate milling thanks to the perpendicular viewing of the embedded sample block
  • Safe working environment due to the low-noise extraction system with HEPA filter

Prepare exact parallel block-face edges

Easily trim exact parallel block-face edges every time for your TEM and array tomography application with the EM RAPID specimen trimming device. Attain straight ribbon arrays thanks to the raster positions of the specimen arm, which ensure exact 90° corners for any desired block-face size, making downstream sectioning as easy as possible. The EM RAPID is the perfect partner for your EM UC7 or ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome and ensures easy high quality sample sectioning.

  • Exact parallel block-face angles
  • Perfect 90° corners for any desired block-face size
  • Tungsten carbide and diamond milling heads
Excact parallel block-face angles trimmed with the EM RAPID Specimen Trimming Device

Constantly monitor your sample material

With the EM RAPID milling system the unnecessary removal of sample material is eliminated through constant monitoring at all times during sample preparation. The 60 degree swivelling function of the sample holder enables a perpendicular viewing angle to determine the distance to your area of interest on in sample. There is no need to remove the sample which saves time during the trimming procedure whilst keeping your sample material safe. Additionally, benefit from highly precise layer removal thanks to the feed-hand wheel with selectable step-size advance.

  • Constant monitoring of the embedded sample with the 60 ° swivelling function
  • No removal of the sample is required during the trimming process which eliminates the risk of loosing sample material
  • Precise layer removal thank to feed-hand wheel with selectable step-size advance
Constant monitoring with the 60° swivelling function

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