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Instrumento de contraste automático para secções extrafinas Leica EM AC20

  • Electron Microscopy of High Pressure Frozen and Freeze Substituted Arabidopsis Thaliana Root Tips Cells

    Application Note for Leica EM AFS2 - Arabidopsis thaliana roots (mutant PIN1pro:PIN1-GFP;bex5-1) were excised, immersed in 20% (w/v) BSA and frozen immediately in a high-pressure freezer. Freeze…
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  • Transmission Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation Protocols for the Ultrastructural Study of Cysts of Free-living Protozoa

    Cysts of free-living protozoa have an impact on the ecology and epidemiology of bacteria because they may act as a transmission vector or shelter the bacteria against hash environmental conditions.…
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  • Recovery of Recombinant Antibody is Affected by Endogenous Protein Interaction in Maize

    Seeds provide a useful and versatile platform for the production of recombinant proteins and their numerous advantages have been often discussed. Among seeds, cereal crops offer additional advantages…
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  • Protein Trafficking in Cereal Seeds

    Seeds accumulate proteins and starch which will be broken down and mobilized upon germination. Among seeds, cereals constitute an example of a highly specialized storage tissue that constitutes up to…
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  • Brief Introduction to Contrasting for EM Sample Preparation

    Since the contrast in the electron microscope depends primarily on the differences in the electron density of the organic molecules in the cell, the efficiency of a stain is determined by the atomic…
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  • Perusing Alternatives for Automated Staining of TEM Thin Sections

    Contrast in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is mainly produced by electron scattering at the specimen: Structures that strongly scatter electrons are referred to as electron dense and appear as…
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