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Induction of antiviral gene expression by cyclosporine A, but not inhibition of cyclophilin A or B, contributes to its restriction of human coronavirus 229E infection in a lung epithelial cell line
Mamatis JE, Gallardo-Flores CE, Sangwan U, Tooley TH, Walsh T, u. a.
Antiviral Research
2023 vol: 219 pp:105730

Multicomponent Peptide-Based Hydrogels Containing Chemical Functional Groups as Innovative Platforms for Biotechnological Applications
Giordano S, Gallo E, Diaferia C, Rosa E, Carrese B, u. a.
2023 vol: 9(11) pp:903

Parallelized multidimensional analytic framework applied to mammary epithelial cells uncovers regulatory principles in EMT
Paul I, Bolzan D, Youssef A, Gagnon KA, Hook H, u. a.
Nature Communications
2023 vol: 14(1) pp:688

Twin-bioengine self-adaptive micro/nanorobots using enzyme actuation and macrophage relay for gastrointestinal inflammation therapy
Zhang B, Pan H, Chen Z, Yin T, Zheng M, u. a.
Science Advances
2023 vol: 9(8) pp:eadc8978

Listeria-based vaccination against the pericyte antigen RGS5 elicits anti-vascular effects and colon cancer protection
Anderson TS, McCormick AL, Daugherity EA, Oladejo M, Okpalanwaka IF, et. al.
2023 vol: 12(1) pp:2260620

Ultra-transparent, hard and antibacterial coating with pendent quaternary pyridine salt
Cao Y, Yang Z, Ou J, Jiang L, Chu G, et. al.
Progress in Organic Coatings
2023 vol: 175 pp: 107369

The Oncosuppressive Properties of KCTD1: Its Role in Cell Growth and Mobility
Smaldone G. Pecoraro G, Pane K, Franzese M, Ruggiero A, et. al.
2023 vol: 12(3) pp: 481

Effects of different dehydration methods on the preservation of aortic and renal glycocalyx structures in mice
Li Z, Zhang Q, Sun Y, Wu N
2023 vol: 9(4) pp: e15197

Flexible ultrasound-induced retinal stimulating piezo-arrays for biomimetic visual prostheses
Jiang L, Lu G, Zeng Y, Sun Y, Kang H, et. al.
Nature Communications
2022 vol: 13 (1) pp: 3853

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