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Microscópio educacional, binocular com capacidade fluorescente para ciências das vida Leica DM500

  • Ciências da Vida microscópios educacionais

    Como professor de biologia, você demonstra aos alunos como os organismos vivos são estruturados usando seções de tecido e esfregaços de sangue como amostras para o microscópio. Para obter o máximo…
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  • Webinar: Digital Classroom Options

    As teachers, you know your big challenge is to catch and keep the students’ attention and the best chance for this is by making the environment interactive. In the case of the Microscopy Classroom, we…
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  • Hunting Down the Hay Bacillus – Educational Microscopes in Biology Teaching

    Learning begins with perception. Sensory impressions are branded in our mind and become the building blocks of knowledge. The more intensively young people are involved in the lesson and the more…
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  • Pathology Overcomes Boundaries – Interactive Microscope System Facilitates Training of Pathologists in Developing Countries

    "The lack of pathological examinations is one of the most pressing issues of medical care in developing countries." Dr. Roberto Monaco, pathologist in Neaples, knows the disastrous consequences from…
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