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  • Tomografia crioeletrônica

    A Leica Microsystems e a Thermo Fisher Scientific trabalharam juntas para criar um fluxo de trabalho para criotomografia totalmente integrado que atenda essas necessidades de pesquisa: Revele…
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  • Workflow Solutions for Industrial Research

    This brochure presents and explains appropriate workflow solutions for the most frequently required sample preparation methods for material science samples.
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  • Roland A. Fleck

    Expert Knowledge on High Pressure Freezing and Freeze Fracturing in the Cryo SEM Workflow

    Get an insight in the working methods of the laboratory and learn about the advantages of Cryo SEM investigation in EM Sample Preparation. Find out how high pressure freezing, freeze fracturing and…
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  • Cryo-SEM analysis of UV light stimulated sun screen lotion

    The EM ICE is the only available high-pressure freezer combining light stimulation with fast cryo fixation, a module mostly used for optogenetic approaches in neurobiology studies. However, this…
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  • High Pressure Freezing with Light Stimulation

    Sun screen lotion was carefully filled in the 100 μm incision of a 3 mm copper/gold plated flat carrier and covered with 3 mm sapphire disk. The sun screen lotion sample was then high pressure frozen…
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  • Brief Introduction to Freeze Fracture and Etching

    Freeze fracture describes the technique of breaking a frozen specimen to reveal internal structures. Freeze etching is the sublimation of surface ice under vacuum to reveal details of the fractured…
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  • Brief Introduction to Coating Technology for Electron Microscopy

    Coating of samples is required in the field of electron microscopy to enable or improve the imaging of samples. Creating a conductive layer of metal on the sample inhibits charging, reduces thermal…
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