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  • Observing the effect on transcription factor signaling and chromatin landscapes in cells infected with the human coronavirus 229E

    Viral infection triggers an inflammatory cellular response which is characterized by altered gene expression. In this study, the influence of coronaviruses on cellular NF-κB (transcription factor)…
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  • Medicinal Use of Qianhu Plant Roots

    This study focused on tissue-specific metabolite profiling and comparison of various parts of bolting and unbolting Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn (Qianhu in Chinese). The qualitative and quantitative…
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  • Analysis of Tissue Sections Assisted by Fluorescence Laser Microdissection

    Lectin microarray (LMA) is a highly sensitive technology used to obtain the global glycomic profiles of endogenous glycoproteins in biological samples including formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue…
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  • How to improve your RNA Analysis Workflow with Laser Microdissection

    Brain research: Single neuron excision for RNA analysis - Improve your workflow with laser microdissection - Parkinson’s disease is a common progressive neurodegenerative disorder. It is connected…
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  • How to improve your Alzheimer Protein Analysis with Laser Microdissection

    Brain Research: Collect pure starting material for proteomics - Improve your workflow with Laser Microdissection - Many brain diseases result from protein malfunction, misfolding and agglutination.…
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  • How to improve your DNA Mutation Analysis Workflow with Laser Microdissection

    DNA mutations lead to abnormal proteins or missing functional proteins, which can cause cells to multiply uncontrollably and become cancerous. To find and understand the underlying mutation for a…
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  • Nanodroplet Processing Platform for Deep and Quantitative Proteome Profiling of 10–100 Mammalian Cells

    Nanoscale or single-cell technologies are critical for biomedical applications. However, current mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomic approaches require samples comprising a minimum of thousands of…
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  • How to Conduct Localized Proteomics of Microscopic Regions

    In this webinar, you will learn: - How to perform isolated proteomics of microscopic regions of interest - How to use this technique with FFPE tissue - How proteomics can help you understand…
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  • MicroRNA Expression Profiling to Identify and Validate Reference Genes for the Relative Quantification of microRNA in Rectal Cancer

    Application example for laser microdissection (LMD) - MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in regulating biological processes at the post-transcriptional level. Deregulation of miRNAs has been…
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  • Workflows & Protocols: Plant Laser Microdissection

    During Leica workshops for LMD users in Brazil, hosted by the Federal University of Paraná/UFPR (UFPR) at the Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura/USP (CENA), the power of laser microdissection…
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  • Exemplary Specimen Overviews of a customer sample with many tumor areas being dissected

    Workflows & Protocols: Laser Microdissection for Pathology and Cancer Research

    Tumor development results from mutations in our DNA. For their deeper analysis, cancer researchers have to dissect the relevant tissue areas. Here we report the reason why laser microdissection is a…
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  • Workflows & Protocols: Connecting Microscopy and Molecular Biology in Neuroscience

    The main topic during this course was how to apply laser microdissection in neuroscience. Leica specialists demonstrated why laser microdissection is a suitable techniques for brain investigation as…
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  • Workflows & Protocols: How to Isolate Individual Chromosomes with Laser Microdissection

    During the first Leica Workshop in Brazil, at the Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura/USP (CENA), the participants learned how to prepare samples for laser microdissection (LMD) using a cryotome.…
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  • Workflows & Protocols: How to Use a Leica Laser Microdissection System and Qiagen Kits for Successful RNA Analysis

    Laser Microdissection (LMD) allows isolating individual cells or chromosomes and is a well established technique for sample preparation prior downstream analysis of the nucleic acid content via PCR or…
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