27 May 2021

Hyperplex biomarker imaging-elucidate tumor microenvironment

27 May 10:30 UTC



Researchers need a greater understanding of the cellular architecture of normal and diseased tissues to develop better treatments and more accurately predict disease progression.
Multiplexed, or hyperplexed, imaging is the latest technology that clearly visualizes, identifies, and quantifies significant biomarkers.
Meet Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging solution for spatial biomarker analysis and gain the ability to stratify tumors by cell type, biomarker profile, and specific features.
Join our Live Webinar to explore the capabilities of Cell DIVE to clearly visualize, quantify, & analyze immune cell types in the tumor microenvironment.
Cell Dive’s gentle, proven, and effective iterative staining process allows you to image +60 biomarkers on the same slide and on the single cell level.
Our Speaker: 
Dr. Hui Yee, Chua     
Application Specialist (SEA and TW)
Leica Microsystems