Microscopios confocales

Los microscopios confocales de Leica Microsystems son complementos adecuados en investigación biomédica de alta especialización, ya que ofrecen una precisión sin precedentes en la obtención de imágenes tridimensionales y el examen exacto de estructuras subcelulares y procesos dinámicos.

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Microscopios confocales 7

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STELLARIS - Plataforma para microscopio confocal


Con la plataforma confocal STELLARIS hemos reconcebido la microscopía confocal para llevarle un paso más cerca de la verdad.


Solución de espectro sintonizable para la captura y procesamiento de imágenes multicolor multifotónicas (MP)

Información máxima de cada muestra con LIGHTNING


Información máxima de cada muestra

Obtención de imágenes sin marcadores con el microscopio confocal Leica TCS SP8 CARS


Imágenes sin marcadores de muestras al natural

Leica TCS SPE con Leica DMi8 y cámara climática


Microscopio confocal espectral de alta resolución para la investigación diaria y los exámenes de rutina

RemoteCare: servicio y vigilancia inteligente de instrumentos científicos


Opción de servicio y vigilancia inteligente para su microscopio


Image Gallery: THUNDER Imager

To help you answer important scientific questions, THUNDER Imagers eliminate the out-of-focus blur that clouds the view of thick samples when using…

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Cholesterol Homeostasis Modulates Platinum Sensitivity in Human Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is one of the most severe types of cancers that women can suffer from during their lifetimes. It is the cancer’s tendency for frequent…

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Explore Innovative Techniques to Separate Fluorophores with Overlapping Spectra

In this article we explore several strategies you can take to improve the separation of fluorophores and increase the number of fluorescent probes you…

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Two-color SRS image of human pancreatic organoids showing proteins (red) and lipids (green).

Vibrational Spectroscopic Imaging in Cells, Tissues and Model Organisms

Here we present a webinar on the emerging applications of Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy, covering the following topics: Quantitative…

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Add an Extra Dimension to Confocal Results with TauSense

Leica Microsystems’ TauSense technology is a set of imaging modes based on fluorescence lifetime. Found at the core of the STELLARIS confocal…

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How to Uncover Hidden Dimensions in Research with Lifetime Imaging

The vast majority of imaging experiments measure fluorescence intensity but there is another key property of fluorescence—its lifetime, which is…

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Learn how to Remove Autofluorescence from your Confocal Images

Autofluorescence can significantly reduce what you can see in a confocal experiment. This article explores causes of autofluorescence as well as…

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Interview with Magali Mondin on THUNDER Imagers

Magali Mondin, an engineer at the BIC (Bordeaux Imaging Center) in France, describes her experience using a THUNDER Imager in this interview. She had…

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Multiphoton Microscopy Publication List

Multiphoton Microscopy is an advanced technique for imaging thick samples. Applications range from the visualization of the complex architecture of…

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How to prepare samples for Stimulated Raman Scattering

Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) is an emerging microscopy technique that images the vibrations of chemical bonds within a specimen. It allows…

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