Live Webinar - Bringing Ultramicrotomy to the Digital Age

20 Jun 2024 01:30 UTC


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Join us for a live webinar on "Precision Sectioning Redefined: Bringing Ultramicrotomy to the Digital Age"! 

During this webinar we will discuss application examples that showcase how UC Enuity can be leveraged to advance ultramicrotomy processes for EM sample preparation.

Autoalignment: Learn how you and your lab can benefit from autoalignment - a new auto approach mode that brings block face and knife together, automatically. Understand the impact of automation on sectioning reproducibility and efficiency.

Automated Trimming: Discover how all users can now perform ultramicrotomy tasks using UC Enuity automated functionality that eliminates the need for complex manual setup steps.

3D µCT data-based Target Trimming: Start 3D volume acquisition directly where it matters! Find out how UC Enuity facilitates accurate and efficient targeting and trimming by utilizing 3D µCT data.

Our distinguished speaker, Dr. Jan De Bock, an expert in electron microscopy and ultramicrotomy, will lead the session. With extensive experience in the field, Dr. De Bock will provide invaluable insights into the practical applications and benefits of this groundbreaking technology.

If you are interested in joining the webinar, secure your spot now! 

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