Leica DFC345 FX Cámara digital monocroma de alta resolución para aplicaciones de fluorescencia

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Publications 2018

Sildenafil ameliorates EAE by decreasing apoptosis in the spinal cord of C57BL/6 mice
Duarte-Silva E, Araújo S, Oliveira W, Lós D, França M, et. al.
Journal of Neuroimmunology
2018 vol: 321 pp: 125-137

Astrocyte disruption of neurovascular communication is linked to cortical damage in an animal model of multiple sclerosis
Eilam R, Segal M, Malach R, Sela M, Arnon R, et. al.
2018 vol: 66 (5) pp: 1098-1117

Publications 2017

TSLP/TSLPR promote angiogenesis following ischemic stroke via activation of the PI3K/AKT pathway
Yu X, Peng Y, Liang H, Fu K, Zhao Z, et. al.
Molecular Medicine Reports
2017 vol: 17 (2) pp: 3411-3417

A MIG-15/JNK-1 MAP kinase cascade opposes RPM-1 signaling in synapse formation and learning
Crawley O, Giles A, Desbois M, Kashyap S, Birnbaum R, et. al.
PLOS Genetics
2017 vol: 13 (12) pp: e1007095

Are holocentrics doomed to change? Limited chromosome number variation in Rhynchospora Vahl (Cyperaceae)
Ribeiro T, Buddenhagen C, Thomas W, Souza G, Pedrosa-Harand A
2017 pp: 1-10

Sciatic nerve repair using poly(ε-caprolactone) tubular prosthesis associated with nanoparticles of carbon and graphene
Assaf K, Leal C, Derami M, de Rezende Duek E, Ceragioli H, et. al.
Brain and Behavior
2017 vol: 7 (8) pp: e00755

Macrophage-specific nanotechnology-driven CD163 overexpression in human macrophages results in an M2 phenotype under inflammatory conditions
Alvarado-Vazquez P, Bernal L, Paige C, Grosick R, Moracho Vilrriales C, et. al.
2017 vol: 222 (8) pp: 900-912

The HECT Family Ubiquitin Ligase EEL-1 Regulates Neuronal Function and Development
Opperman K, Mulcahy B, Giles A, Risley M, Birnbaum R, et. al.
Cell Reports
2017 vol: 19 (4) pp: 822-835

Complementary Modular Microcircuits of the Rat Medial Entorhinal Cortex
Ray S, Burgalossi A, Brecht M, Naumann R
Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience
2017 vol: 11 pp: 20

Defining Minimal Binding Regions in Regulator of Presynaptic Morphology 1 (RPM-1) Using Caenorhabditis elegans Neurons Reveals Differential Signaling Complexes
Baker S, Grill B
The Journal of biological chemistry
2017 vol: 292 (6) pp: 2519-2530

Publications 2016

Generation of monoclonal antibodies against native viral proteins using antigen-expressing mammalian cells for mouse immunization
Rose N, Pinho-Nascimento C, Ruggieri A, Favuzza P, Tamborrini M, et. al.
BMC Biotechnology
2016 vol: 16 (1) pp: 83

A Live-imaging, Heat Shock-inducible System to Measure Aux/IAA Degradation Rates in Planta
Guseman J, Nemhauser J, Moss B
2016 vol: 6 (15)

Polyglutamine Tract Expansion Increases S-Nitrosylation of Huntingtin and Ataxin-1
Ni C, Seth D, Fonseca F, Wang L, Xiao T, et. al.
2016 vol: 11 (9) pp: e0163359

Centromeric and non-centromeric satellite DNA organisation differs in holocentric Rhynchospora species
Ribeiro T, Marques A, Novák P, Schubert V, Vanzela A, et. al.
2016 pp: 1-11

SPRY1 regulates mammary epithelial morphogenesis by modulating EGFR-dependent stromal paracrine signaling and ECM remodeling
Koledova Z, Zhang X, Streuli C, Clarke R, Klein O, et. al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
2016 vol: 113 (39) pp: E5731-40

Direct Spinal Ventral Root Repair following Avulsion: Effectiveness of a New Heterologous Fibrin Sealant on Motoneuron Survival and Regeneration
Vidigal de Castro M, Barbizan R, Seabra Ferreira R, Barraviera B, Leite Rodrigues de Oliveira A
Neural Plasticity
2016 vol: 2016 pp: 1-16

MHC-I and PirB Upregulation in the Central and Peripheral Nervous System following Sciatic Nerve Injury
Bombeiro A, Thomé R, Oliveira Nunes S, Monteiro Moreira B, Verinaud L, et. al.
2016 vol: 11 (8) pp: e0161463

Astrocyte morphology is confined by cortical functional boundaries in mammals ranging from mice to human
Eilam R, Aharoni R, Arnon R, Malach R
2016 vol: 5

Long-Standing Motor and Sensory Recovery following Acute Fibrin Sealant Based Neonatal Sciatic Nerve Repair
Perussi Biscola N, Politti Cartarozzi L, Ferreira Junior R, Barraviera B, Leite Rodrigues de Oliveira A, et. al.
Neural Plasticity
2016 vol: 2016 pp: 1-19

Regulation of astrocyte glutamate transporter-1 (GLT1) and aquaporin-4 (AQP4) expression in a model of epilepsy
Hubbard J Szu J Yonan J Binder D
Experimental Neurology
2016 vol: 283 pp: 85-96

Engineering a predatory bacterium as a proficient killer agent for intracellular bio-products recovery: The case of the polyhydroxyalkanoates
Martínez V, Herencias C, Jurkevitch E, Prieto M, Jurkevitch E, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2016 vol: 6 pp: 24381

In Vitro Development of a Mucocutaneous Junction for Lip Reconstruction
Bayar G, Kuo S, Marcelo C, Feinberg S
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Conserved size and periodicity of pyramidal patches in layer 2 of medial/caudal entorhinal cortex
Naumann, Robert K;  Ray, Saikat;  Prokop, Stefan;  Las, Liora;  Heppner, Frank L et al. (2016)
The Journal of comparative neurology vol. 524 (4) p. 783-806

Publications 2015

Vascular Supply of the Cerebral Cortex is Specialized for Cell Layers but Not Columns
Adams D, Piserchia V, Economides J, Horton J, Adams D, et. al.
Cerebral Cortex
2015 vol: 25 (10) pp: 3673-3681

All hormone-producing cell types of the pituitary intermediate and anterior lobes derive from Prop1 expressing progenitors
Davis S Keisler J Pérez-Millán M Schade V Camper S
Endocrinology pp: en.2015-1862

Publications 2014

Identification of a Proximal Progenitor Population from Murine Fetal Lungs with Clonogenic and Multilineage Differentiation Potential
Bilodeau, Mélanie;  Shojaie, Sharareh;  Ackerley, Cameron;  Post, Martin;  Rossant, Janet (2014)
Stem Cell Reports vol. 3 (4) p. 634-649

Inverse regulation of melanoma growth and migration by Orai1/STIM2-dependent calcium entry
Stanisz H Saul S Müller C Kappl R Niemeyer B Vogt T Hoth M Roesch A Bogeski I (2014)
Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research vol: 27 (3) pp: 442-453

Arx together with FoxA2, regulates Shh floor plate expression
Ginam Cho, Youngshin Lim, Il-Taeg Cho, Jacqueline C Simonet, Jeffrey A Golden (2014)
Developmental biology

RPM-1 is localized to distinct subcellular compartments and regulates axon length in GABAergic motor neurons
Karla J Opperman, Brock Grill (2014)
Neural Development 9 (1) p. 10

Inverse regulation of melanoma growth and migration by Orai1/STIM2-dependent calcium entry
Hedwig Stanisz, Stephanie Saul, Cornelia S L Müller, Reinhard Kappl, Barbara A Niemeyer, Thomas Vogt, Markus Hoth, Alexander Roesch, Ivan Bogeski (2014)
Pigment cell & melanoma research

Publications 2013

IGF-I increases markers of osteoblastic activity and reduces bone resorption via osteoprotegerin and RANK-ligand
Lucia Guerra-Menéndez, Maria C Sádaba, Juan E Puche, Jose L Lavandera, Luis F de Castro, Arancha R de Gortázar, Inma Castilla-Cortázar (2013)
Journal of translational medicine 11 (1) p. 271

Generation and Dynamics of an Endogenous, Self-Generated Signaling Gradient across a Migrating Tissue
Gayatri Venkiteswaran, Stephen W. Lewellis, John Wang, Eric Reynolds, Charles Nicholson, Holger Knaut (2013)
Cell 155 (3) p. 674-687

Kinetics of fluorescent latex particle deposition at polyelectrolyte monolayers determined by in situ measurements
Aneta Michna, Zbigniew Adamczyk, Krzysztof Jamrozy (2013)
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects

Medullospheres from DAOY, UW228 and ONS-76 Cells: Increased Stem Cell Population and Proteomic Modifications
Cristina Zanini, Elisabetta Ercole, Giorgia Mandili, Roberta Salaroli, Alice Poli, Cristiano Renna, Valentina Papa, Giovanna Cenacchi, Marco Forni (2013)
PloS one 8 (5) p. e63748

Publications 2012

Anorexic effects of intra-VTA leptin are similar in low-fat and high-fat-fed rats but attenuated in a subgroup of high-fat-fed obese rats
Adrie W Bruijnzeel, Xiaoli Qi, Lu W Corrie (2012)
Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior

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