Leica KL200 LED Fuente de luz fría LED para aplicaciones rutinarias o de menor aumento

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Sustituido por Leica KL300 LED

Leica S4 E with Leica KL200 LED and universal light guide

Leica S6 E with Leica KL200 LED and ring light, stand alone base

Leica S6 E with Leica KL200 LED and coaxial illumination

Leica KL200 LED

This movie will give you an overview of the Leica KL200 LED cold light source. Due to the wide choice of fiber-optic light guides, this illumination can be exactly tailored to individual requirements.…

Leica LED illumination series

Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of modern LED illumination systems for every kind of incident light application. This range includes flexible LED cold light sources, compact integrated LED…

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