Leica LED5000 HDI Iluminación de bóveda muy difusa

Animation of Leica LED5000 HDI™ with Leica FlexiDome™

Leica LED5000 HDI™: No straylight and highest diffuse light conditions when Leica FlexiDome™ is closed

Leica LED5000 HDI™: Easy access to position sample and still provides high diffuse light conditions when Leica FlexiDome™ is open

Leica LED5000 HDI™: High flexibility with Leica FlexiDome™

Detailed image of a bug using the Leica LED5000 HDI and Leica LAS Montage.

Cross section showing the wear of a tool.

Image of the head of an electric razor.

Leica LED5000 series

The Leica LED5000 illumination systems were especially designed for Leica high-performance stereo microscopes and are highly integrated into the entire Leica system. All settings of the illumination…

Leica LED illumination series

Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of modern LED illumination systems for every kind of incident light application. This range includes flexible LED cold light sources, compact integrated LED…

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