Plataforma DMi8 S Solución de microscopio invertido

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Photomanipulation with DMi8 S: Flexible live cell imaging

The Leica DMi8 S microscopy system lets you easily combine applications by adding 1 or more advanced fluorescence imaging modules, such as the Infinity Scanner and Infinity TIRF. Get unprecedented…

How to do Koehler alignment on a DMi8 microscope

This video goes over how to perform Koehler alignment or illumination on a DMi8 inverted microscope. Koehler alignment is important for centering and focusing the transmitted light. The result is…

Leica Microsystems DMi8 Touchscreen Overview

This video goes over the user interface on a Leica Microsystems DMi8 microscope touchscreen, including the illumination/status tab, the contrast tab, the objective tab, and the XYZ tab.

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