Ensure comparability through automation

Eliminate the risk of inconsistencies that naturally occur when preparing your samples by hand. Thanks to the fully automated EM TP, manual handling is reduced by at least 75%. All processing steps of your experiment can be programmed with ease and are then executed by the system automatically. Trust in the comparability of your results and save valuable time with each run.

  • Automatically distinguishes between EM or LM processing​
  • All experimental steps can be programmed, saved, and reloaded
  • Samples are transported automatically from vial to vial at the desired temperature and agitation speed
Automated Tissue Processor EM TP

Reproducible experiments – reproducible results

Ensure the reproducibility of your sample preparation within and in between runs as the sample preparation protocol can be programmed precisely. The integrated touch-screen-based software, guides you through the various setup options for simple programming of each step. After saving your programs, you can rest assured that your experiments are performed consistently every time. ​

With the EM TP you can program:​

  • All reagents that are used​
  • Duration of runs
  • Environmental settings
  • Delayed start and finish times ​
Reproducible experiments – reproducible results

Process multiple tissues in one run

Compare multiple kinds of tissues with only one experimental setup.

Various different-sized sample baskets give you the opportunity to flexibly stack your specimens and process them at the same time.

Increase your throughput and avoid wasting samples with every run.

Process multiple tissues in one run

Maintain environmental conditions

High quality processing is assured as the EM TP keeps your samples in a stable environment and controls the temperature precisely during preparation.

With the EM TP you can keep all reagents, which come in contact with the tissue, at the desired temperature. The heater and cooler system allows you to set and keep the temperature between +4 °C and +60 °C even during a delayed start or finish. For EM processing the system offers also pre-heat and pre-cool of the next reagent vial. ​

The Automated Tissue Processor EM TP keeps your samples in a stable environment

Choose your workflow according to your biological question​

The EM TP tissue processor will help you get high quality results when conducting biological experiments ranging from standard TEM and SEM workflows to section tomography 3D workflows, to FIB SEM workflows, and many more.

For more information on workflow solutions for life science research, download our workflow booklet.

Standard SEM Workflow

Investigate the surface architecture of chemically fixed samples with the standard SEM workflow. Prepare your samples with the EM TP tissue processer and critical point dry them afterwards with the EM CPD300. The next step is coating your samples with either the EM ACE200 or EM ACE600 followed by imaging in the SEM.

  1. ​ Automated tissue processing (EM TP)​
  2. Automated critical point drying (EM CPD300)​
  3. Sputter and/or carbon coating (EM ACE200 / EM ACE600)​
  4. Image analysis in the SEM ​
Standard SEM Workflow

Section Tomography 3D Workflow​

This workflow enables you to study the organization and interaction of biological structures within three dimensions in a defined volume. First process your samples at room temperature, followed by semi-thick serial sectioning on TEM grids. After the staining step, proceed with the image analysis in the TEM.

  1. Automated tissue processing (EM TP)​
  2. Trimming (EM TRIM2)​
  3. Serial sectioning (EM UC7)​
  4. Staining (EM AC20)​
  5. Image analysis in the TEM
Section Tomography 3D Workflow​

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