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  • Cellular Motility: Microtubules, Motor Proteins and Tau-Proteins

    Cellular motility is based on motor-proteins that can bind to filamentous scaffold proteins and – under consumption of ATP – can “crawl” on these filaments. This note is about proteins connected to…
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  • Visualize mechanical interactions of Cancer Cells

    Cells interact with their environment. Not only on the base of chemical signals, but also by sensing and modifying mechanical properties of the extracellular matrix. The research goal of Dr. Bo Sun’s…
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  • Infection of Zebrafish Embryos with Intracellular Bacterial Pathogens

    Transparent zebrafish embryos have proved useful model hosts to visualize and functionally study interactions between innate immune cells and intracellular bacterial pathogens, such as Salmonella…
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  • Spectral Imaging

    To separate fractions of the emission for recording channels that reproduce the emission of individual fluorochromes, it is necessary to spatially disperse the emission spectrally. This is possible by…
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  • Confocal Excitation

    Fluorescence excitation needs specifically colored light. In confocal microscopy, multiline lasers or laser batteries are classically used. This requires devices that pick the requested lines fitting…
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  • Confocal Microscopy - Optical Path

    “Confocal Microscopy” refers to a particular optical microscope that allows recording optical sections. Optical sectioning is achieved in a confocal system by illuminating and observing a single…
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