Leica LMD6 & LMD7 Microdisección láser

Disección perfecta

Leica LMD7 Flagship

The flagship of the Leica widefield portfolio: The Leica LMD7 with scanning stage and Leica DFC7000 T camera on top port and Leica DFC3000 G camera on the side port. Both stage and cameras can be used…

Leica LMD7

Leica LMD7 con platina de exploración, la cámara Leica DFC7000 T en el puerto superior, la cámara Leica DFC3000 G en el puerto lateral y con una pantalla táctil de 22’’ y el software de aplicación…

Leica LMD6

Leica LMD6 con platina motorizada y la cámara Leica CC7000. La platina y la cámara también se pueden utilizar con el modelo LMD7.

Laser Microdissection – Autofocus before Cut

The “Autofocus before Cut” function finds a focus of the sample before each dissection process. Intended for high ROI numbers which shall be dissected successively.

Laser Microdissection – Inspect all Collectors

The „Inspect all Collectors“ tool inspects and documents all collection devices which were used for Laser Microdissection – automatically by a single mouse click.

Live cutting with the Move and Cut mode of Leica Laser Microdissection systems

(objective: 40x; contrast: brightfield (BF); specimen: mouse brain, red stain, PET steel frame) 

Leica LMD Shadow Cuts – the fastest way of laser microdissection ever!

(objective: 5x; contrast: brightfield (BF); specimen: human, H&E stained, 4 µm PEN steel frame slide)

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