Leica Z16 APO A Macroscopio motorizado 16:1 para una documentación, medición y evaluación detalladas

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This item has been phased out and is no longer available. Please contact us using the button below to enquire about recent alternative products that may suit your needs.

Leica Z16 APO A with XL Universal stand, Leica LED3000 NVI™ Illlumination, Leica Motorfocus and DFC Camera

Maximum user comfort with Leica Trinocular ErgoTube®

Leica Z16 APO A with IsoPro™ Cross Stage, SmartTouch™, Leica LED3000 NVI™ illlumination and DFC Camera

Confirming Image Calibration

This video shows how to verify the calibration by checking the displayed scale bar with a stage micrometer.

Automating the calibration process

This video shows how LAS rapidly calibrates all the zoom click stops with assisted automation.

Live Image Builder – Preparing for operation

This video shows how to make the vital image adjustments so that you are immediately ready for Live Building.

Live Image Builder XY Stitching

Rapidly creates large images exceeding the normal field of view. This software automatically detects XY movement of the sample and compiles the information to one large image.

Live Image Builder – Extended Focus Image

Get sharp images within seconds from a sample with shallow depth of field using extended focus in Live Image Builder. By changing the focus manually the software detects and adds the parts that are in…

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