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Caméra CCD numérique Leica DFC3000 G

  • Microscopie Fluorescente

    La fluorescence est l'un des phénomènes physiques les plus couramment utilisés en microscopie biologique et analytique, principalement en raison de sa grande sensibilité et de sa haute spécificité.…
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  • Definitions of Basic Technical Terms for Digital Microscope Cameras and Image Analysis

    Most microscopes today are operated with a camera. The characteristics of the camera often decide whether the acquired image will reveal what a researcher wants to see. But when diving into camera…
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  • Introduction to Digital Camera Technology

    A significant majority of modern optical microscopy techniques require the use of a digital camera. By working with digital devices researchers can observe specimens on a screen in real time or…
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  • How to Correct Aberration in Stereo Microscopy by Using the Right Objective Lenses

    For samples/specimens immersed in a liquid or embedded in a polymer, high quality microscopic observation can be hindered as a result of spherical aberration. An objective which can correct for…
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