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Injection d'image CaptiView

Benefits of CaptiView image injection: Dr. A. Bălașa

“The use of the this technology greatly improves our surgical strategy” says Dr Adrian Bălașa about the CaptiView image injection system in this video.

View data from IGS systems in the microscope eyepieces with CaptiView HD image injection

The CaptiView image injection module displays data from Image Guided Surgery (IGS) systems directly in the eyepieces of a Leica microscope during neurosurgery. Surgeons therefore have the high-contrast, high-resolution data they need to make confident surgical decisions - without taking their eyes off the patient. In this video you can see data from the neuronavigation software Cranial 3.1 from BrainLab overlaid onto the live surgical image during neurosurgery. The video is courtesy of Mount Sinai Health System, New York.