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Cholesterol Homeostasis Modulates Platinum Sensitivity in Human Ovarian Cancer
Daniela Criscuolo, Rosario Avolio, Giovanni Calice, Chiara Laezza, Simona Paladino, Giovanna Navarra, Francesca Maddalena, Fabiana Crispo, Cristina Pagano, Maurizio Bifulco, Matteo Landriscina, Danilo Swann Matassa, and Franca Esposito
Cells 2020, 9(4), 828; March 2020

Enteric Nervous System-Derived IL-18 Orchestrates Mucosal Barrier Immunity
Abigail Jarret, Ruaidhrí Jackson, Coco Duizer, Yuval Kluger, Roni Novarski, et. al.
Research Journal: Cell; Volume 180, ISSUE 1, P50-63.e12, January 09, 2020

Left-right asymmetric heart jogging increases the robustness of dextral heart looping in zebrafish
Grimes D, Patterson V, Luna-Arvizu G, Schottenfeld-Roames J, Irons Z, et. al. 
Developmental Biology, 2019

Molecular imaging of fibroblast activity after myocardial infarction using a 68Ga-labelled fibroblast activation protein inhibitor FAPI-04
Varasteh Z, Mohanta S, Robu S, Braeuer M, Li Y, et. al.
Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine
2019 pp: jnumed.119.226993