Introduction to Ultramicrotomy Techniques and Applications

03 Oct 2022 17:00 UTC

United States



Ultramicrotomy is a widely adopted and versatile technique which can be utilized to prepare samples for a range of characterization methods. It is often used in biological workflows to prepare ultrathin sections for TEM, as well as semi-thin sections and flat surfaces for light microscopy and other bulk characterization methods. In materials science, ultramicrotomy is often used to prepare polymeric and even hard metals and ceramics for similar characterization workflows.  
In this webinar, we will introduce some basic techniques, considerations, and applications for ultramicrotomy workflows. We will cover both biological and materials ultramicrotomy and show some application examples for both areas. We will also show a live demonstration of the complete sectioning workflow utilizing the Leica EM UC7 to prepare and collect ultrathin sections of a resin-embedded biological sample.

EM UC7 is for research use only.

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