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For Leica EM UC7 and EM UC6

Criocamera per Leica EM UC7 e Leica EM UC6 Leica EM FC7

L'ultramicrotomo Leica EM UC6 o Leica EM UC7 può essere trasformato in un crioultramicrotomo in pochi minuti montando la criocamera Leica EM FC7 Leica; in questo modo sarà possibile preparare criosezioni (da -15° a -185 °C) per TEM, SEM, AFM e LM.

Mancano solo quattro passaggi per arrivare a criosezioni perfette...... selezionare "Immagini"

For research use only
Leica EM FC7 ‐ Cryochamber for Leica EM UC7 and EM UC6

Key Features

Great Comfort

Heated chamber walls prevent icing during extended working time. The GN2 gap between chamber and arm rest ensures a warm surface to rest the arm on.

Outstanding cryo sectioning performance

Outstanding cryo sectioning performance

Especially for frozen hydrated sectioning or the Tokuyasu method, the Leica EM CRION with electrostatic discharge and charge mode used with the micromanipulator provides outstanding cryo sectioning performance.

Storage of Sections

Sections can be easily placed in the gridbox positioned near by the knife