Leica DM500 Microscopio Binoculare educational, upgradabile a fluorescenza per i corsi di scienze biologiche

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Image of an onion flake taken with a basic Leica compound microscope after it was tested for resistance to fungus and mold growth following part 11 of the ISO 9022 standard.

ISO 9022 Standard Part 11 - Testing Microscopes with Severe Conditions

This article describes a test to determine the robustness of Leica microscopes to mold and fungus growth. The test follows the specifications of the ISO 9022 part 11 standard for optical instruments.

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As teachers, you know your big challenge is to catch and keep the students’ attention and the best chance for this is by making the environment interactive. In the case of the Microscopy Classroom, we…
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Factors for Selecting Student Microscopes

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Microscopi didattici

I corsi di microscopia sono più piacevoli quando sia gli insegnanti che gli studenti riescono a focalizzare bene l'oggetto della loro analisi. I nostri microscopi didattici aiutano a esprimere tutto…
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