THUNDER 3D 生細胞および 3D 培養細胞

3D バイオロジーをリアルタイムに解き明かす*

THUNDER imager in cancer research

See how a THUNDER imager enables you to identify challenging targets within tissue samples and helps you to analyze large areas at high resolution – allowing you to collect robust population data.

THUNDER imager in cancer research

Set up workflows on your THUNDER imager that will enable you to identify and quantify sub populations within your cancer research experiments. In this video, you can see how to compare expression…

Improve throughput and time-to-result in cancer research

See how THUNDER imagers can help you clearly identify targets of interest on multi biopsy slides to improve throughput and time-to-result in cancer research.

THUNDER 3D 生細胞および 3D 培養細胞の主な利点

Leica のプロダクトマネージャーが THUNDER 3D 生細胞および 3D 培養細胞の主な利点についてお話しします。

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Infectious Diseases: Influenza virus

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