DM4 P, DM2700 P & DM750 P Microscopios verticales de polarización

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Rate the Quality of Your Steel: Free Webinar and Report

This webinar and report describe optimal microscopy solutions for rating steel quality in terms of non-metallic inclusions and reviews the various international and regional standards concerning…

Polarizing Microscope Image Gallery

Polarized light microscopy (also known as polarizing microscopy) is an important method used in different fields, including research and quality assurance. It goes beyond just producing images at high…

Metallography – an Introduction

This article gives an overview of metallography and metallic alloy characterization. Different microscopy techniques are used to study the alloy microstructure, i.e., microscale structure of grains,…
Measuring grains size with Abrams Three-Circle Procedure.

How to Adapt Grain Size Analysis of Metallic Alloys to Your Needs

Metallic alloys, such as steel and aluminum, have an important role in a variety of industries, including automotive and transportation. In this report, the importance of grain size analysis for alloy…

Metallography with Color and Contrast

The examination of microstructure morphology plays a decisive role in materials science and failure analysis. There are many possibilities of visualizing the real structures of materials in the light…
Tartaric acids, polarization

Polarization Contrast

Polarization microscopy is routinely applied in material sciences and geology to identify minerals on the basis of characteristic refraction properties and colors. In biology, polarization microscopy…

Quality as Clear as Glass - Polarizing Microscopy in Glass Production

An exquisite beverage deserves a high-quality glass. Even the ancient Romans made artistically crafted drinking glasses. In the Middle Ages, Venetian glassmakers were famous for the purity of their…

Campos de aplicación

Microscopios para la industria energética, minera y de recursos naturales

Leica Microsystems dispone de soluciones de microscopía potentes y personalizables para ayudarle a aprovechar al máximo sus recursos, guiarle en sus nuevos proyectos, desarrollar el próximo tipo de…

Industria metalúrgica

Los microscopios de Leica para la industria metalúrgica son útiles para evaluar la calidad de los materiales y garantizar el cumplimiento con la normativa aplicable.
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