Emspira 3 Microscope numérique

Inspection simple et inspirante

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The Emspira 3 digital microscope offers what users need for comprehensive visual inspection, including comparison, measurement, and documentation sharing.

Digital Inspection Microscope for Industrial Applications

Factors users should consider before choosing a digital inspection microscope for industrial applications, including quality control (QC), failure analysis (FA), and R&D, are described in this…
Electric car or EV car charging in station. Eco-friendly alternative energy concept.

Alternative Fuels and Why Sustainable Solutions are Important

This free on-demand webinar is about the role of alternative fuel vehicles and why sustainable solutions are of increasing importance to the automotive industry.
Electronic component

Top Challenges for Visual Inspection

This article discusses the challenges encountered when performing visual inspection and rework using a microscope. Using the right type of microscope and optical setup is paramount in order to…
Visual inspection of a PCBA with the Ivesta 3 Greenough stereo microscope.

How to Select the Right Solution for Visual Inspection

This article helps users with the decision-making process when selecting a microscope as a solution for routine visual inspection. Important factors that should be considered are described.

How to Use a Digital Microscope to Streamline Inspection Processes

Watch this webinar for inspiration and expert advice on how to make quality control simpler, quicker, and easier. Learn how to perform comprehensive visual inspection, including comparison,…

What Does 30,000:1 Magnification Really Mean?

One important criterion concerning the performance of an optical microscope is magnification. This report will offer digital microscopy users helpful guidelines to determine the useful range of…
An ID card which has been tampered with by counterfeiters who inserted a hologram.

Is that Document Genuine or Fake? How do They Identify Fake Documents?

This article shows how forensic experts use microscopy for analysis to identify counterfeit, fake documents, such as ID cards, passports, visas, certificates, etc. Then they know if it is genuine or…

Domaines d'application

Microscopes d’inspection

Leica Microsystems propose une variété de microscopes d’inspection pour les applications industrielles. Nos experts peuvent vous aider à trouver la solution optimale.

Applications industrielles

Les microscopes peuvent être utilisés dans des applications industrielles, telles que l'inspection de pièces et de composants, la reprise et l'assemblage, l'assurance / le contrôle de la qualité,…

Fabrication de circuits imprimés (PCB) et de composants électroniques

Quel que soit le fournisseur ou le fabricant de l’appareil, Leica Microsystems souhaite vous fournir des solutions d’imagerie personnalisées et modulaires qui répondent à vos exigences. Nous voulons…

Propreté Technique

Pour les fabricants de produits industriels et électroniques ainsi que les applications pharmaceutiques non réglementées, les solutions pour une propreté technique efficace offrent des avantages…

Industrie des métaux

Les solutions de microscope Leica dédiées à l’industrie des métaux servent à évaluer la qualité des métaux et à s’assurer de la conformité aux normes applicables.
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