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Image of burrs (red arrows) at the edge of a battery electrode acquired with a DVM6 digital microscope.

Burr Detection During Battery Manufacturing

See how optical microscopy can be used for burr detection on battery electrodes and determination of damage potential to achieve rapid and reliable quality control during battery manufacturing.
Image of a Siemens star, where the diameter of the 1st black line circle is 10 mm and the 2nd is 20 mm, taken via an eyepiece of a M205 A stereo microscope. The rectangles represent the field of view (FOV) of a Leica digital camera when installed with various C-mounts (red 0.32x, blue 0.5x, green 0.63x).

Understanding Clearly the Magnification of Microscopy

To help users better understand the magnification of microscopy and how to determine the useful range of magnification values for digital microscopes, this article provides helpful guidelines.

Rapid and Reliable Examination of PCBs & PCBAs with Digital Microscopy

Digital microscopes provide users with a convenient and rapid way to acquire high-quality, reliable image data and make quick inspection and analysis of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and assemblies…
The Emspira 3 digital microscope offers what users need for comprehensive visual inspection, including comparison, measurement, and documentation sharing.

Digital Inspection Microscope for Industrial Applications

Factors users should consider before choosing a digital inspection microscope for industrial applications, including quality control (QC), failure analysis (FA), and R&D, are described in this…
Documentation of an automotive clutch friction surface with a digital microscope

Verifying Specifications for Auto Parts and Components

During the development and production of automotive parts and components, whether by suppliers or the auto manufacturer, specifications must be met. This goal is important, because the specifications…

Industrial Microscopy: Digital imaging and the Leica DVM6

This webinar will discuss digital microscopy and Leica’s digital DVM6 microscope. We will navigate the difference between optical and digital magnification, explain the differences in optics, and…
Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) images

How To Create EDOF (Extended Depth of Focus) Images

Watch this video to see how you can rapidly record sharp optical microscope images of samples with a large height variation. This is done with the optional Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) function of…

How to make a fast Z-stack

Save time for your 2D and 3D analysis. Watch this video to learn about the new user interface, LAS, for the DVM6 digital microscope. The video demonstrates how to make a fast Z-Stack with a few…
Basalt imaged with crossed polarizers

Digital Microscopy in Earth Science

Classical polarized light (compound) microscopes can only be used for prepared samples, because the working distance they offer is insufficient for whole samples. This means that thicker and bigger…
Coaxial light with only polarizer open.

Digital Microscopy with Versatile Illumination and Various Contrast Methods for More Efficient Inspection and Quality Control

State-of-the-art digital microscopes utilizing a versatile illumination system capable of achieving multiple contrast methods, such as the Leica DVM6, are very useful for inspection, quality control,…

Digital Microscopy in Forensics

Forensic experts work with a broad range of microscopes to examine evidence from firearms and tool marks, documents, forensic or legal medicine, hair and fibers as well as glass and paint. Digital…

Life Science Imaging with DVM6 Digital Microscope

Digital microscopes can be a great help in life science applications such as the documentation in botany, entomology studies and crop science, or the digitization of museum collections. The image…
Watch imaged with DMS300.

What You Always Wanted to Know About Digital Microscopy, but Never Got Around to Asking

Digital microscopy is one of the buzz words in microscopy – and there are a couple of facts that are useful to know. Georg Schlaffer, Product Manager with Leica Microsystems, has often been asked…
An ID card which has been tampered with by counterfeiters who inserted a hologram.

Is that Document Genuine or Fake? How do They Identify Fake Documents?

This article shows how forensic experts use microscopy for analysis to identify counterfeit, fake documents, such as ID cards, passports, visas, certificates, etc. Then they know if it is genuine or…
Microscopy Solutions for Battery Manufacturing

Battery Manufacturing

Battery manufacturing has several key challenges concerning inspection. Solutions for sample preparation and microscopic visual and chemical analysis are needed.

Campi di applicazione

Microscopi d'ispezione

Leica Microsystems offre una vasta gamma di microscopi d'ispezione per le applicazioni industriali. I nostri esperti possono aiutarti a trovare la soluzione ottimale.

Scienze della terra e dei materiali

Avete bisogno degli strumenti giusti per un' immagine e un' analisi affidabili e di alta qualità. Leica Microsystems è la fonte unica per tutte le vostre esigenze di ricerca. Oltre al supporto locale…

Microscopi per le industrie automobilistica e dei trasporti

L’ obiettivo di Leica è essere il vostro affidabile collaboratore che vi guida verso le soluzioni di imaging migliori per le vostre esigenze, per consentirvi di essere sempre un passo avanti alla…

Dispositivi medici

Acquisizione e analisi affidabili delle immagini per la documentazione relativa a controlli di qualità (RA) e QA / QC: Con le soluzioni dedicate alla microscopia di Leica Microsystems, potete fare…

Produzione di schede a circuiti stampati (PCB) ed elettronica

Indipendentemente dal fornitore o dal produttore del dispositivo, l'interesse di Leica Microsystems è quello di fornirti soluzioni di imaging personalizzate e modulari in grado di soddisfare le tue…

Mercati della microscopia industriale

Negli ambienti industriali la tendenza attuale è di migliorare i tempi e raggiungere gli obiettivi in modo veloce per aumentare i profitti. Le soluzioni dedicate alle analisi microscopiche Leica, sono…

Microscopi per l'analisi dei materiali

L'analisi dei materiali richiede soluzioni di microscopia per l'imaging, la misurazione e l'analisi delle caratteristiche di una varietà di materiali come leghe metalliche, semiconduttori, vetro e…

Industria metallurgica

Le soluzioni per la microscopia ottica di Leica per l'industria metallurgica sono utilizzate per valutare la qualità dei materiali e garantire la conformità agli standard internazionali.
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