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ライカの高い光学性能に最新のデジタル技術を融合、フル ハイビジョン 対応デジタル Leica DMS300

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DMS デジタルマイクロスコープ




無償の画像編集ソフトウェアを使ったオーバーレイの簡単な作成方法、および DMS シリーズと連携したオーバーレイの使用方法について説明するビデオが用意されています。


Get a quick overview of the many features of the Leica DMS300. A microscope and advanced digital camera in one unit. Find out if the Leica DMS300 can be your ideal tool for inspection, observation and documentation requirements.


ライカDMS300 スイングアームスタンド 組み立て方

See how quickly and easily it is to set up the Leica DMS300 system with a boom stand.

ライカDMS300 標準スタンド 組み立て方

This short video shows how fast and effortlessly the Leica DMS300 with a reflected light base can be assembled.

Leica DMS Color Menu

This video simply explains how the color settings of the camera can be adjusted.

Leica DMS300 Exposure Menu

Learn how to change the exposure time, gain, brightness and gamma settings of the camera.

Leica DMS300 Resolution Menu

See how to select the HDMI video output settings of the unit to match the monitor.

Leica DMS300 Camera Menu

This short movie clip shows how the parameters such as time, date and file name can be defined or how to reset the camera back to factory settings.

Leica DMS300 User Menu

Learn how to save up to three camera illumination settings, adjust the menu color, change the unit language or program user buttons and more.

Leica DMS300 Overlay Menu

See how to select which overlay is displayed and how to import up to ten customized overlays to the Leica DMS300. Other options such as how to save the overlay to a captured image is also explained.

Leica DMS300 Remote Control

Get an all explanation of the remote control. Functions such as white balance, camera settings, movie playback, pairing and arrow key navigation are explained.

Leica DMS300 Capture Gallery

This tutorial video shows how captured images and movies on the SD card can be viewed and played.