Leica TCS SP5 II 共焦点顕微鏡<br>


Multi-color imaging in whole mount specimen

Platyneris spec.

blue: nuclei, DAPI; green: Actin/muscles, TRITC; red: Tubulin, Alexa 633

Courtesy of: Dr. Evgeny Tsitrin, Institute of Developmental Biology RAS, Moscow, Russia

Imaging and manipulation with new specific optics

The optics of the Leica TCS SP5 II is optimized for imaging and manipulation. The beam expander allows for switching between outstanding precision and high bleach power. This means that there is no…

High resolution and high speed confocal imaging

The Leica Tandem Scanner combines two technological solutions in one system: a conventional scanning system - ideal for morphological imaging and three dimensional structure analyses, and a resonant…

The fastest true confocal

The combined efficiency of the Leica SP® detection system and the Leica AOBS® guarantees best signal to noise – which means clear and crisp images and least bleaching during image acquisition. Easy…

Electrophysiology with Leica DM6000 CFS

Small neuron network: rat brain slice, layer 5. Loading of dyes by single cell electroporation.

Loading of dyes by single cell electroporationred: Interneurons Alexa 594; green: Pyramidal Cell Oregon…

Deep tissue imaging with multi-photon microscopy

Artery of the mouse: Excitation at 839 nm, 3-channel acquisition: autofluorescence of elastin (blue), Syto13 for nuclei of cells in the vascular wall (green/white), eosin auto-fluorescence (red); zoom…

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