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  • Live Cell Imaging

    Shifting perspective from single microscope components to a full working live cell imaging solution, Leica Microsystems integrates microscope, LAS X imaging software, cameras, and dedicated…
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  • Pesquisa sobre peixe-zebra

    Para os melhores resultados durante a verificação, triagem, manipulação e aquisição de imagem, você precisa ver osdetalhes e estruturas que permitem tomar as decisões certas para os próximos passos em…
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  • Neuroscience

    A central aspect of neuroscience is to elucidate synaptic dynamics and neural plasticity to understand how large neuronal systems function. Other studies aim on the investigation of neural disorders…
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  • Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering Research

    Your role in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, research and development requires microscope, camera and software solutions to help you clearly and precisely visualize, analyze, and document…
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  • THUNDER Technology Note

    So far, widefield microscopy was not suitable to image larger volumes, since the contrast of the recorded fluorescence image is reduced by the background (BG) mainly originating from out of focus…
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