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Virally labeled neurons (red) and astrocytes (green) in a cortical spheroid derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells. THUNDER Model Organism Imager with a 2x 0.15 NA objective at 3.4x zoom was used to produce this 425 µm Z-stack (26 positions), which is presented here as an Extended Depth of Field (EDoF) projection.  Images courtesy of Dr. Fikri Birey  from the Dr. Sergiu Pasca laboratory at Stanford University, 3165 Porter Dr., Palo Alto, CA Neural-sphere_model-org_LVC.jpg

In life science research, live cell imaging is an indispensable tool to visualize cells in a state as in vivo as possible.

This E-book reviews a wide range of important considerations to take to ensure successful live cell imaging.

What’s inside

  • What parameters need to be considered to maintain cell viability 
  • A full review of the wide range of Live Cell Imaging Techniques and Applications
  • An insight into the problem of Out-of-Focus Light in Live Cell Microscopy and how to overcome it
  • An introduction to the THUNDER Imagers and the DMi8 S platform that are ideally suited to cover all your live cell imaging applications.

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