DVM6 デジタルマイクロスコープ

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Rapid and Reliable Examination of PCBs & PCBAs with Digital Microscopy

This article explains why users can achieve fast and reliable workflows for quality control, failure analysis, and R&D of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and assemblies (PCBAs) with the DVM6 digital…
The Emspira 3 digital microscope offers what users need for comprehensive visual inspection, including comparison, measurement, and documentation sharing.

Digital Inspection Microscope for Industrial Applications

Factors users should consider before choosing a digital inspection microscope for industrial applications, including quality control (QC), failure analysis (FA), and R&D, are described in this…
Documentation of an automotive clutch friction surface with a digital microscope

Verifying Specifications for Auto Parts and Components

During the development and production of automotive parts and components, whether by suppliers or the auto manufacturer, specifications must be met. This goal is important, because the specifications…

Industrial Microscopy: Digital imaging and the Leica DVM6

This webinar will discuss digital microscopy and Leica’s digital DVM6 microscope. We will navigate the difference between optical and digital magnification, explain the differences in optics, and…
Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) images

How To Create EDOF (Extended Depth of Focus) Images

Watch this video to see how you can rapidly record sharp optical microscope images of samples with a large height variation. This is done with the optional Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) function of…

How to make a fast Z-stack

Save time for your 2D and 3D analysis. Watch this video to learn about the new user interface, LAS X.next, for the DVM6 digital microscope. The video demonstrates how to make a fast Z-Stack with a few…

What Does 30,000:1 Magnification Really Mean?

One important criterion concerning the performance of an optical microscope is magnification. This report will offer digital microscopy users helpful guidelines to determine the useful range of…
Basalt imaged with crossed polarizers

Digital Microscopy in Earth Science

Classical polarized light (compound) microscopes can only be used for prepared samples, because the working distance they offer is insufficient for whole samples. This means that thicker and bigger…

Digital Microscopy in Forensics

Forensic experts work with a broad range of microscopes to examine evidence from firearms and tool marks, documents, forensic or legal medicine, hair and fibers as well as glass and paint. Digital…

Life Science Imaging with DVM6 Digital Microscope

Digital microscopes can be a great help in life science applications such as the documentation in botany, entomology studies and crop science, or the digitization of museum collections. The image…
Watch imaged with DMS300.

What You Always Wanted to Know About Digital Microscopy, but Never Got Around to Asking

Digital microscopy is one of the buzz words in microscopy – and there are a couple of facts that are useful to know. Georg Schlaffer, Product Manager with Leica Microsystems, has often been asked…
An ID card which has been tampered with by counterfeiters who inserted a hologram.

Is that Document Genuine or Fake? How do They Identify Fake Documents?

This article shows how forensic experts use microscopy for analysis to identify counterfeit, fake documents, such as ID cards, passports, visas, certificates, etc. Then they know if it is genuine or…



ライカマイクロシステムズは、工業用途向けのさまざまな検査用の光学顕微鏡を提供しています。 ライカから最適なソリューションをご提案いたします。


信頼性が高く、高品質なイメージングと解析を行なうためには、適切なツールが必要です。顕微鏡のライカは、 幅広い光学機器、イメージングシステム、ソフトウェア、人間工学に基づいたアクセサリで、お客様のニーズに合った最適なソリューションを提供致します。




薬事申請(RA:Regulatory Affairs) および QA/QC 文書のための確かな画像取得・分析: ライカ マイクロシステムズの顕微鏡ソリューションは、医療機器の品質管理で信頼性の高い外観検査・ドキュメンテーションを実現します。


ライカマイクロシステムズは、お客様のニーズに合わせたイメージングソリューションを提供します。 お客様のパフォーマンス維持・向上のため、迅速かつ正確な検査、修正、分析、測定、PCBアセンブリをサポートします。






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