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レーザーマイクロダイセクション Leica LMD6 & LMD7

Laser microdissection is used for a wide range of applications in neurobiology and immunology as well as in the developmental and cell biology of animal and plant organisms.

The main areas of application are the research of cancer and other diseases, the search for genetic modifications, molecular pathology, molecular biological and biochemical studies.

Laser Microdissection is widely used is several fields of science. Here you find the highlights of recent publications subdivided into DNA-Research, RNA-Research, Proteomics, Fluorescence, Cancer-Research, Neuroscience, Developmental Research & Aging, Plant Research, Forensics, Live Cell Culture and other application fields (Miscellaneous).

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Major application fields for laser microdissection you find in our publication list in Leica Science Lab.