Leica M320 F12 歯科用顕微鏡

Designed for Dentists

This item has been phased out and is no longer available. Please contact us using the button below to enquire about recent alternative products that may suit your needs.

LED facts

Nominal lifetime: 60 000 hours. This reduces the cost of ownership and eliminates retrofit expenses. Color temperature: Daylight temperature (5 700°K) for high-fidelity image colors. Light…

High-definition documentation

The benchmark for image sharing and documentation. "Dentists who can visualize their skills gain trust!" Integrated HD video system with 1080 × 720p (MPEG-4) Integrated HD camera for 3-megapixel…

Leica APOchromatic optics

Large field of view Large depth of field Superior light gathering Superior contrast & crispness

Large selection of binocular tubes

to suit every dentist's working preferences and specialization Binocular tube 0-180° with ErgoMod Dent (large image) Binocular tube 0-180° Binocular tube inclined 45° Binocular tube inclined 45°…

Hands-on design

with vibration-minimizing bearings for easy handling and more efficiency Microscope arm: perpendicular & inclined Ergonomic handles: front & lateral

Better resistance to surface pathogens

The image shows a typical structure of a metal powder (Ag) produced via inert gas condensation (nano powder). This exclusive Leica antimicrobial nano silver coating (AgProtectTM) reduces…
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