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Image of a Siemens star, where the diameter of the 1st black line circle is 10 mm and the 2nd is 20 mm, taken via an eyepiece of a M205 A stereo microscope. The rectangles represent the field of view (FOV) of a Leica digital camera when installed with various C-mounts (red 0.32x, blue 0.5x, green 0.63x).

Understanding Clearly the Magnification of Microscopy

To help users better understand the magnification of microscopy and how to determine the useful range of magnification values for digital microscopes, this article provides helpful guidelines.
Stereo microscopes are often considered the workhorses of laboratories and production sites.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Stereo Microscope

This article explains key factors that help users determine which stereo microscope solution can best meet their needs, depending on the application.
The principle of the FusionOptics technology:  Of the two separate beam paths (1), one provides depth of field (2) and the other high resolution (3). In the brain, the two images of the sample are merged into a single, optimal 3D image (4).

What is the FusionOptics Technology?

Leica stereo microscopes with FusionOptics provide optimal 3D perception. The brain merges two images, one with large depth of field and the other with high resolution, into one 3D image.
Strain from using a microscope can lead to musculoskeletal pain.

Microscope Ergonomics

This article explains microscope ergonomics and how it helps users work in comfort, enabling consistency and efficiency. Learn how to set up the workplace to keep good posture when using a microscope.
A portion of an early binocular microscope developed by John Leonhard Riddel in the early 1850s.

The History of Stereo Microscopy

This article gives an overview on the history of stereo microscopes. The development and evolution from handcrafted instruments (late 16th to mid-18th century) to mass produced ones the last 150…

Domaines d'application

Microscopes d’inspection

Leica Microsystems propose une variété de microscopes d’inspection pour les applications industrielles. Nos experts peuvent vous aider à trouver la solution optimale.

Industrie électronique et des semi-conducteurs

Les microscopes pour la fabrication des composants microélectroniques et des semi-conducteurs rendent votre travail plus précis et plus efficace en améliorant la vitesse et la précision de vos…

Industrie automobile et transport

Améliorez la fiabilité et la précision de votre travail dans le secteur de la production automobile et des transports. Les solutions d'imagerie microscopique de Leica Microsystems améliorent votre…

Dispositif médical

Les microscopes de production de dispositifs médicaux de Leica Microsystems aident à améliorer l'efficacité de la production tout en réduisant la fatigue musculaire et oculaire liée aux tâches…

Fabrication de circuits imprimés (PCB) et de composants électroniques

Quel que soit le fournisseur ou le fabricant de l’appareil, Leica Microsystems souhaite vous fournir des solutions d’imagerie personnalisées et modulaires qui répondent à vos exigences. Nous voulons…
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