UC Enuity Ultramicrotome

Découvrez l’automatisation et la précision de pointe

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Camera image during auto alignment. The feedback lines indicate if the correct edges in the image are detected. Green: Vertical center line; Magenta: Upper edge of the light gap; White: Lower edge of the light gap (not visible here, falling together with red line); Red: Knife edge; Blue: Left and right edge of the block face being automatically detected.

Automatic Alignment of Sample and Knife for High Sectioning Quality

Automatic alignment of sample and knife on the ultramicrotome UC Enuity, enabling even untrained users to create ultrathin sections with reduced risk of losing precious sections.
Section ribbons with increasing section thickness - silver to purple ending in blue sections.

High Quality Sectioning in Ultramicrotomy

Discover the significance of achieving high-quality uniform sections with ultramicrotomy for precise imaging in electron microscopy.

Domaines d'application

Microscopes pour la recherche en sciences de la vie

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Microscopes pour analyse de matériaux

L’analyse de matériaux nécessite des solutions de microscope pour l’imagerie, la mesure et l’analyse de caractéristiques dans divers matériaux tels que les alliages métalliques, les semiconducteurs,…
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